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April 9, 2010

Old House Web – worth a look


Buying a home, new or old, isn’t something that should be taken lightly. There is a lot of assistance out there if you are willing to look which will assist you in this decision. For those that like to do some research prior to making this decision, there is a plethora of professionals out there, some you have to pay, others you can visit via the internet and glean worthwhile information that will assist you in that final decision.

I was approached by one such source, Old House Web,  and asked to place their link on my blog.  A short visit to their page showed me that they did focus on older homes but had good advice and links.  I found one written by a house inspector on roof leaks.  Although focused on older houses, the advice given could even relate to new construction and just how the roof “system” was put together and, other factors that can cause a leak and not be roof related.  All something you or your house inspector should look for to prevent future issues.

You’ll find the link on my blogroll  to their blob under:  Old House Restoration and Repair Advice .

Once there, if you want to visit the rest of the website, just click on the main title at the top and wander around for some ideas.

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