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March 28, 2010

Do you have “the right connections”?


In the Saturday Star, March 27th, Mattamy Homes had a centre spread in the Homes Section.  Their headline read: “ALL THE RIGHT CONNECTIONS IN BRAMPTON“.  I notice in the Homes-Extra section of the Toronto Sun for March 28th, a paid article submitted by Mattamy that promoted the same headline.

I know they are emphasizing a planned community that promotes living near transit and a newly built commercial downtown.  Although not without problems, it has certain advantages that are positive.

But, knowing what has happened in Ottawa and Oakville, I get a different impression of what “the right connections” means in terms of development.

We see, from the Mattamy Fairwinds Blog that a Susan Murphy was once employed by the City of Ottawa planning department and is now working with Mattamy Homes in the infamous Fairwinds Phase 5 development.  It would appear that maybe she wasn’t “the right connection” for Mattamy Homes.  Who knows?

In the Halton area, we have Mattamy hiring ex-chair of Halton Region, Peter Pomeroy, who was investigated in Project 80 for possible misdeeds in regards to the development industry.  Mattamy has done well in Halton.  I guess they have “the right connections” there.  In my case, former mayor Ann Mulvale was successfull in acquiring a donation for a very worthwhile project from Mattamy while my case was being investigated. 

Mattamy 1 Me 0

I guess they had “the right connections” in Oakville.

For those contemplating a move to Brampton and the Mount Pleasant Village, it will be interesting to see just what the “right connections” are in that community.

Note: there was an interesting article in the Homes-extra section of the March 27th Toronto Sun.  It was an article on hiring a home inspector by Rob Parker, a registered house inspector.  It is on Page 18

LINK:  http://virtual.homes-extra.ca/doc/Brantford-Expositor-Homes/brantford-homes/2010030501/

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