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March 24, 2010

Mattamy – are your ducks in order?


On March 22nd, 2010 in the Toronto Star Editorial column, there was an article titled, “Durham’s planning war“.

Appears that the Durham politicians and Queen’s Park are at odds on how Durham Region will be planned.  Seems that “Durham councillors were the only ones in the GTA to openly oppose Ontario’s greenbelt legislation three years ago”.  So much f0r the developers planned communities that are for the people.

Well, I am sure there are a lot of issues on both sides but, one I found very similar to the Oakville and Ottawa problems was raised by Ajax Mayor Steve Parish, who is an “opponent of Durham’s plan to pave over that farmland.”

Quote: “Corporate financial contributions from the development industry dominate election financing in the rapidly growing 905 region.”

He is further quoted as bringing out the problems of the developers planning – cost of water and sewer services, roads and transit ( Milton anyone) and the extended driving homeowners must do to not only go to work but also look after the home activities.  What the Star brings up is that the Durham politicians (and thus the developers?) are hoping for a change in government and a return back to PRO-DEVELOPMENT. 

Yes, I too wonder about that considering a pro-developer (Ann Mulvale) is contemplating a return to politics.  You know, the one who accepted a donation from Mattamy Homes while doing nothing regarding the Town of Oakville allowing Mattamy Homes to use illegal wiring to run a furnace – thus putting children’s lives at risk.

This years municipal elections are going to be very interesting.  I’d like to see who is accepting the developer’s contributions and how they are being put forward.

Speaking of developers and, one who is  involved in Ottawa, Pickering and Oakville, to name a few places with some problems.  I re-read an old Globe and Mail article on Peter Gilgan.  This was supposed to be one of those positive flowery pieces.

“Mr. Gilgan, who did not go to university, trained as a chartered accountant, but was lured away by a passion for making houses and making money.”

“The 1989 housing recession seemed like it was never going to end. You learn a ton from that, sharing the pain as well as the gain. You go back through your whole supply chain and look for ways to get everything shaved down to the bone.”

That is what I find significant – “shaved down to the bone” and, “making money.”

When a builder promises X for Y price and the market changes or they occur difficulties, just who gets shaved and whose money helps them to make money.  I saw one foreman brag he could build a house in a month – wonder what it looked like?  I can show you.  Or, they shave corners by doing illegal wiring, thus selling the house and “making money”.

In Kanata, do you really think Mattamy wants to build those houses in Fairwinds now.  Their profit will have been blown out of the window due to rising costs and the rising of house prices.  No wonder they want to dump the customers there.  And whose fault was it?  If you have the permits you can build and shouldn’t without them.  The onus was on Mattamy to ensure building could proceed before building.  I notice they have built some model homes in the Ottawa area  and are now shutting them down.  They are blaming the province, etc for the delay.  Hey, this stuff should be worked out before you go ahead and build.  They claim Ottawa said go ahead.  Were the permits issued?  Not!!!!

Methinks stuff was done behind closed doors and it has now backfired.  Problem was that some honest people got hit by the proverbial spray from the fan.  And yes, it stinks just like the saying.

I just wonder how they have their ducks in a row up in Brampton.  Any planning surprises there or are the proper donations put in place and the permits issued.  Just a thought.

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