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March 9, 2010

Before you buy – check the forums


So, you’ve decided that the time is ripe to buy into your first home. You’ve looked at the places your friends have bought, read the somewhat exaggerated advertising, reviewed who got the dubious awards, and have kind of picked the area you’d like to live in and bring up a family. (I’m talking about buying a home, not a specualtor’s investment here).

You may have picked out a lawyer to look after your legal demands and hopefully, have decided to hire a house inspector to guide you through the perils of buying a home and ensuring it is fit to house your family.

What else is there? Good research is a start and a visit to various forums will help you. There are a lot of forums out there (some listed on my sidebar) that will give you a good perspective of just what is out there and the problems you may experience.

Not all is negative and they also promote the positive aspects of a community but, people also use them to ask for help from neighbours and professionals. And, like anything, take it with a grain of salt. Broaden your research if you see something just to make sure it is valid.

I could use any forum but I will use the Hawthorne Villager Forum as an example.

The following topics were discussed:

Flickering CFL Light Bulbs – is this normal?

Dryer Duct Leaking – ever happened to you?

Grading your lot – what to look for before moving in

Basement windows – are they properly located

These are just a few of the things you will read about in a forum and are of importance to you in your new home.

New homes are perfect and sometimes, are probably worse than a resale in some instances.  In my case, illegal wiring putting my children at risk.  My first home, a Townwood, I don’t think home inspectors were around then or at least willing to do a new home.  On my second I passed hiring a house inspector – a grave mistake.  So read the forums, learn about issues and how to handle them and, you may also see why I suggest hiring a home inspector on a new house.  A few hundred up front or a few thousand down the road. 

Your choice.

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