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March 7, 2010

Is the 5-minute connection your cup of tea


In today’s Homes-Extra section of the Toronto Sun (B3), they talk about the new Mount Pleasant Village being built in Brampton by Mattamy.

First off, I have no problem with properly planned and constructed developments that are more compact and use the land more efficiently.  Of course there are tradeoffs.  First, you’ll notice in the article that they are really promoting the 5 minute walk to the GO Station.  For those going to Toronto, a good way to travel.  For those living in the area, the location is debatable.  Go Trains in Brampton don’t run all the time.  To make money, the railways have to fill the space with freight trains, usually at all hours (3:00am sound good).  If you don’t mind heavy and noisy freight trains with dangerous cargoes going by, this is your kind of place.  Why do you think Mattamy got the land so cheap?

The other thing, in order to make money, the streets may be narrow and you may end up with a one car garage and a drive-way too short to park your second car on (or your teenager’s).

Another issue is that some of these homes are built attached and close (I live in an attached) and if not done properly, you’ll be able to hear your neighbour’s every move and argument – you’ll know them better than their friends.  I lived in one condo where I not only knew when the lady went to the bathroom, I could hear which job she was doing.  Nothing like living in an environmentally efficient place.  Even the noise is shared.

I could go on but I think you’ve got the drift.  These houses are affordable for a reason.  The land was cheap due to the poor location (railway) and because of the compact design.  If you can tolerate living cheek to jowl with possibly no insulation to cut down noise and small yards (where do you put the snow?) Mount Pleasant Village may be your place. 

But, I’d take a real good look at your lifestyle before you pick the place (unless you’re just a speculator) and ensure you can live with these issues.  I live in a townhouse but the streets are wide.  But, one year, I ran out of space for snow due to the small front yard, which is shared. And no, you can’t push it onto the roadway, it just gets pushed back by the snow plow.

Based on the economy, cost cutting and past practices by Mattamy, I doubt the walls will be properly insulated to reduce the sounds of your neighbour’s lifestyle.  And if they have young children – hope you are kid friendly.

Yes, they push the environmentally friendly compact urban lifestyle but do they take into consideration people are people and some isolation is preferred – especially when you have that small disagreement with your spouse.  But then, you can escape into the promised “185 hectares of preserved and restored natural space” – even on the rainy days.

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  1. but local newspaper up there decided to not print the info for some reason ?

    Comment by Sutainable Halton heard this info — March 7, 2010 @ 8:17 pm | Reply

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