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February 27, 2010

Mattamy loses centrefold to Brookfield


In today’s Toronto Star, Home Section, I noticed something of interest.  Usually Mattamy Homes dominates the centrefold of the Homes section with a two page ad.  Today, J.D. Power’s “Highest Customer Satisfaction” award winner for 2009, Brookfield Homes, has the centrefold with the award symbol front and centre.

In the business world, I would think this is very telling, considering Mattamy Homes ended up with a one pager just before the centrefold.  I doubt that the centrefold only goes to the J.D. Power winner by default.  Maybe Mattamy can’t afford the centrefold anymore.  If that is the case, I wonder if they can fix the problems people have with their Mattamy homes.  The most recent being a basement with excessive cracking.

No, seems that the old granddad of the building industry, Brookfield (50 years and counting) is showing the newcomer Mattamy (30 plus and questionable) just what it is all about in terms of customer satisfaction.

It is more than just giving someone a bouquet of flowers.

With Mattamy’s past involvement in illegal berms, flooding Bracebridge basements and other incidents, I find this photo to be very symbolic.  Although puddles are common on construction projects, with Mattamy’s past, one wonders if this just predicts a problematic housing development.

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