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February 24, 2010

Mattamy takes same care with website as homes.


A visit to the Mattamy website  (which does have a nice look to it, thanks to the webmaster) shows that they take as much care of what it contains as in the building of their homes (flooding in Bracebridge, illegal wiring in Oakville, illegal berms in Ottawa).

They state:  ” We are the largest builder of WideLot™ homes in Canada and for the past 3 consecutive years we have led the way in homeowner satisfaction, capturing 3 consecutive top rankings in the prestigious J.D. Power and Associates survey for customer satisfaction.”

Largest builder of WideLot homes – I thought they were the only ones.

They said that for the past 3 consecutive years they ranked first.  Sorry but that was for 2006 to 2008.  The past year, 2009, they blew it with less than first (4th I believe) in the GTA and around last in Ottawa.  They should be saying that they once held 3 consecutive years but seem to have fallen by the wayside in terms of customer satisfaction. 

“We do our very best to make sure each step of the journey toward building your new home is a completely satisfying experience.”

Maybe for some of those who received flowers but there are a lot more out there that didn’t find the journey too pleasant and are still suffering. 

I mean, some have even been put into “DEATH HOMES”,  as can be seen with the illegal venting and illegal wiring in some.  Maybe satisfying to some “Kevorkian” cult leader.

Get with the times Mattamy and update your old website.  It’s not really showing today’s reality. 

Or, do you take as long to update the website as you do fixing the errors that homeowners are finding?

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