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February 19, 2010

Tiger Woods – Mattamy * Birds of a feather??


The weekend is coming up and if the weather is good in your area, you might just get the itch to go out and do some house viewing.  On some forums, I have seen people pooh pah the idea of a house inspector as an unnecessary expense.  Considering the cost of a house inspector in relation to upgrades, I find it hard to believe most would not see it as an investment (and no, I have no connection to a house inspector – just an inconsiderate builder).

I know some are very confident that they can do the PDI without help.  But a PDI is not just to find out where the scratches are but also to find other faults that maybe should be corrected prior to you moving in.  (cupped hardwood floors, joists not being sufficient for ceramic floors, poor venting of the roof, etc).  Yes, the full monty of a house inspection is better at the 30 day or 1 year when a house inspector can really roll up their sleeves and dig in, so to speak, but having a professional back up your concerns or find concerns right at the start will show the builder just how serious you are in getting your money’s worth.

Yes, you might feel confident that you can do it all on your own.  I’ve known people to do their own divorces or, at least with a mediator, and not a lawyer.  Great savings there but there was one thing that stood out.  They were both mature and decided to save money by not disagreeing on every little item.  They were professional. 

But, what if your builder isn’t overly conducive to making the fixes and tries to make you feel like an idiot who doesn’t know anything.  I know the electrical code but not professionally and, my knowledge will not stand up in court.  But a certified house inspector will give you that extra edge.

Tiger Woods had his one sided press conference today.  He stated: “I stopped living by the core values that I was taught to believe in. I knew my actions were wrong, but I convinced myself that normal rules didn’t apply. I never thought about who I was hurting. Instead, I thought only about myself.”

For those who bought Mattamy Homes 20 years ago, you will remember the Mattamy reputation at that time.  Large and expensive single lot homes.  Then Mattamy went to smaller and more congested housing.  Did they take their core values with them?  In my case, I bought on those core values but if you think doing illegal wiring to enable a sale is a good core value, then I’ve got some Ponzi scheme to interest you in.

I think Mattamy has gotten too big and, like Tiger, aren’t necessarily worried about who they hurt.  Illegal construction on land fertilized with human waste, illegal berms in Ottawa and flooding basements in Bracebridge, just to name a few documented cases kind of shows a company that thought only about themselves.

Look at the Mattamy experience of others and if you like craps, go for it and d0n’t hire the house inspector. 

You’ll only have yourself to blame – like Tiger.

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    An 80’s anthem from the hit movie Ghostbusters


    may not be the rallying cry the Halton Regional Police have in mind.


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