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February 10, 2010

Gotcha * infra-red technology backs up consumer


I’ve been following a blog over at HawthorneVillager and it started out with a posting by a house inspector and their problems with Mattamy on PDI’s.  A few people have commented and I get the idea that some feel a house inspector is not needed on a PDI while others do.  As well, there are comments about the 30 day and 1 year inspections as well.

Myself, I support a house inspector only for that extra set of eyes that is professionally trained to spot problems.

Case in point.   A friend of mine bought a house and always felt the stairway to his basement had not been properly insulated.  During the warranty period he brought this to the builder’s attention and he got what seems to be the standard response. 

Yes, we insulated everything but if you feel we didn’t, we will come back, tear out the wall and if not insulated, will do so.  But, if it is insulated, you will have to pay all expenses.  Well, someone new in a home doesn’t normally have that kind of money lying around so, we all back off.  During a later renovation he found that the wall was not insulated.

My experience with Mattamy was similar.  I felt the bow window in the family room wasn’t insulated.  I got the same argument my friend did and since I was short of cash, couldn’t take the bet.  Well, when we renovated the window, I found it was not insulated.

How do you fight something like this?  Quite easily actually.  Call in a house inspector that does infra-red readings of your home.  If you go to this Hawthorne Village link, you will see exactly what I am talking about.

It will support your argument, give you some comfort that your complaint is valid and give you piece of mind that the builder will be paying the bill.  Also, make sure the builder is aware you expect the repair to be done in full, including paint and have same noted on an official form or letter.  I know one person that had over 20 nail pops per room before the year was up and yes, Mattamy would repair same but expected the owner to do the painting.

Also, if the builder is coming in to do repairs that include drywall, etc, make sure you have plastic sheets on hand to protect your furniture.  My experience with Mattamy is, they do the repair but the hell with your furniture when it came to drywall dust.

So, if you feel there is a lack of insulation, just get an infra-red job done to answer the question and then you can take that bet with the builder.

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