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January 22, 2010

What’s it all about Gilgan?


I’ve already referred to the Gordon Pitts article in the Globe and Mail titled: “Mattamy Homes’ Peter Gilgan takes the long view.”

It gives a good overview on the inner workings of a billionaire.  He blames Ontario for those he had to lay off as he “could not get approvals to develop and go forward on land we should have had approvals on.” 

Yes, too bad the planners and environmental people were worried his construction might cause future damage to the environment and houses.  Kind of like the flooding land in Bracebridge or, building berms to change the floodplain near Ottawa.  And, lets not forget how Mattamy just went ahead and began construction on land in the Milton area that had recently been fertilized with human waste – thus putting workers and neighbours in danger.

God forbid that the government protect the environment and those living in an area.

And this statement: “Or municipalities decided they needed a whole lot more money at a time when we needed to reduce our costs by 15 per cent. They were looking for 25-per-cent increases and so forth in development fees.”

For a change, local politicians tried to stand up to the developers in Halton and said that if you want to make money, then don’t do it on the shoulders of an already stressed out taxpayer.  In other words – PAY YOUR OWN WAY.

 Billionaire Gilgan led the pack of snarling developers into council and made the usual arguments.  Even to the point of stripping workers from job sites and busing them to the council meetings.  And not just once!!!  For those buying Mattamy Homes – now you know where your money went – buses, not necessarily quality. 

The message sent to Council – how dare you put realistic costs on our development and hurt our ability to rake in a fortune thanks to the taxpayer.

I notice that Billionaire Gilgan might have found it too expensive to run his own mansion in Oakville and sold it for a paltry $35 million.  And he, along with a lot of other mansion owners in the area got a tax cut and don’t pay the same schedule the rest of us schmucks do.  I guess that is how you get to be a billionaire – get tax cuts on your house and get the taxpayer to pay for the development costs.  Not a bad racket.

Of course, he blames the government for making him lay off people.  Next he’ll be blaming the taxpayer’s for layoffs because we want developers to pay their own freight.

“The tide is turning again now. But the idea that we were getting a free ride doesn’t stand the test of accounting. That’s a nice statement to make. Back it up. I haven’t seen anybody back it up yet.”

The tide is turning?  Does Billionaire Gilgan refer to the upcoming municipal elections?  Will developer friendly “Asphalt Annie” get re-elected and get the ball rolling for more taxpayer freebies to the developers?  Who knows?  Just watch the donations.

Back it up……. well how about the idea that Oakville and Burlington taxpayers (largest group in Halton) subsidized the water pipe to Milton with their taxes, which allowed the developers to start their ravaging of the landscape and the making of billions.  The taxpayer is still paying that levy.  Want some more proof – stay tuned.

Billionaire Gilgan made this statement and allowed us into his personal space. “But I’d actually like to find something else to focus on, sort of one night a week, and I haven’t nailed it yet. It’s something non-physical but more spiritual.”….”I don’t know what it is exactly, but I’ll know it when I see it. I know there is something missing.”

Here’s a hint Peter.  Your dad got shafted with a “lousy job” on his house.  Why not have a little empathy for those of us who bought a  Mattamy House in good faith and spend some spiritual time helping out those of us who got the “Royal Mattamy Shaft”. 

Or, do you get your kicks out of putting children’s lives at risk with illegal wiring, allowing a sale to increase your Billionaire status.

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