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January 19, 2010

Seems Mr. Gilgan Sr. and I are kindred spirits.


“Goal is to be the best home-building brand in North America.”

This was quoted in a recent article by Gordon Pitts in the Globe and Mail ,  and refers to Mattamy Homes and Peter Gilgan.   From what I have seen, I can verify it is a work in progress – slow progress in some cases.

But what I found very interesting and something I have total empathy for was the following quote: “Another time, he wanted to start building houses. The guys who had built the house we moved into had done such a lousy job, he felt it wasn’t right.”

We’re talking about Peter Gilgan’s father here.  A fellow who had a similar spirit to a lot of us and the same complaint.  Only difference is I doubt the house was a Mattamy House.  Now, that would be true irony.

Here we have a builder, whose father was shafted by a builder, and do we see any empathy for those of us who received similar construction?  Not much.

I think one part of the article explains why.  Consider this quote: “That is where the chartered accounting thing comes in. I understood cash flow, credit risk and creditworthiness from a banker’s perspective, not just my own. I can’t tell you how many times I put on those CA glasses and looked at the business through them.”

Cash flow, credit risk, creditworthiness.  He looks at his construction from an accountants viewpoint.  Risk management.  In other words, you know you will be building some homes that are not all what they are supposed to be nor give good value for the money spent by the homeowner. 

You reduce the risk by denying the homeowner from using a house inspector in the PDI, or at least silencing this helper.  And, you know that most of the JD Power surveys will go to those happy with their houses. Some now regret giving a high score, knowing how bad their neighbours were treated.  Puts a different perspective on the credibility of the surveys, I would think.

 So, the fact that a few got shafted on quality or closing times is worked into the formula.  You look at it as an accountant, work out what needs to be spent to ensure a good reputation and blow the rest off as a bad investment.

Yes, I truly understand how Mr. Gilgan Sr. felt in his new house.  Too bad his son didn’t learn the right lesson from the shafting his dad got.  I know Mr. Gilgan Sr. and I will have some things to share when we meet in the next life.  Maybe we can build a woodshed together.

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  1. Near Georgetown hospital pictures were taken by a local guy who ran a Website with other locals who took pictures of townhouses with people living in them that had no building permits & no occupancy permits either but those people had no place to go after assurances given by the builders sucked them into selling where ever they came from or moving out of what ever rented unit they had & no Metroland stories & the regional councillor now mayor was around for all that.
    Then that mayor local council with 2 other regional councillor attempted to shut that Website down except they over stepped themselves & lost in Court & the that same gang went after a senior citizen asking questions @ the only all candidates meet up last time.

    Comment by North Halton readers — January 19, 2010 @ 4:10 am | Reply

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