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January 14, 2010

Communications – Not a priority with Mattamy?


Communications is really what it’s all about. 

In a marriage, business situation, amongst friends or advertising. 

Without communications, you are bound for failure or, to be picked clean by those manipulating the communications.  Recently you’ve seen how Mattamy has put the cone of silence over any house inspector who attends on a PDI through a written Code of Conduct. 

I guess communications isn’t something Mattamy promotes in terms of protecting YOUR investment.  I can understand them not wanting someone totally taking over the PDI but a homeowner hires a house inspector to walk through with them and point out things which should be noted.   As an aside, I wonder what Mattamy would do if you brought a house inspector and you were both fluent in sign language?

Lets face it.  When you attend you are looking through rose coloured glasses – for some of us.  Or, you are too occupied dodging the workmen or, there are just too many things to report and you need someone to bring you into focus.  Don’t depend on the builder to do that – they want a nice short PDI list and probably an even shorter 30 day report.

So, if an award winning company is afraid of having someone support you and ensure professional communication is maintained on all aspects of the PDI, I’d be worried about what they are hiding or afraid of.  For something to work, there has to be open communications and when one party restricts it, it only ruins what could be a good relationship.

I guess Mattamy only wants the money in its relationship – kind of like a one-way divorce.  You’ll notice that Mattamy has Mattamy U and framewalks but it all seems to be on their terms.  About time the homeowner had some protection on their side.

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  1. it appears legal methods were a measure of keeping comments vague @


    Comment by York Region readers — January 19, 2010 @ 4:16 am | Reply

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