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January 3, 2010

New Years Resolutions – Mattamy style


Before and after New Years, Mattamy put out some nice homey type ads that worked on everyone’s thoughts regarding the New Year.  They even noted that resolutions will be made, with some kept and some not.

They discuss “Fresh New Year”, “Fresh New Communities” and “Fresh New Homes”.  For those wanting homes in different areas, this will be good news.

But, did they keep their promises/resolutions from the past years?  Are the basements in Bracebridge now fixed and not prone to flooding?  Have they resolved the issue in Ottawa where they sold homes and had no permit to build?  I know some have left their contracts and moved on.  What about those that stayed?

They note that “This New Year we leave behind an unkind year and look forward to something better for everyone”.  Nice sentiment for those buying in the future but what about those they have left behind with the problems?  Are they just so much trash left behind in the wake of greed?

Will they continue to do illegal wiring to allow sales?  We know they plead guilty to destroying the environment in the Ottawa area by arrogantly making river berms and continue to show what appears to be a lack of understanding on hydrology in regards to the Richmond issue of run-off.

I truly suggest you take their ads with a grain of salt and ask them to put into the contract that you will be allowed a house inspector and that they will be allowed to inspect your house during construction.  If they say no, ask them why (insurance reasons, etc is bull**** as the inspectors are insured) and if they continue to say no and have no real reason, you can still buy if you want to take a chance.  We all did and some of us lost big time and we all felt better going to Vegas and losing – at least we had fun.

If you do buy, ensure you have a house inspector do the PDI or shortly after and record everything and report everything and push for professional repairs, not patchwork as we have seen.

This goes for any builder but, as you know from reading my blog, we have proof of what Mattamy has done.

So, in the New Year, as Mattamy states, “it’s the idea of New Year that inspires us to consider where we’ve been, where we’re going and how we’ll get there” and, “no matter what route we take, the best destination always leads us home”. 

Based on the past Mattamy experiences and taking their advice, make sure you have a house inspector driving that house investment bus for you on that trip home. 

The only way to arrive safely.

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