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December 31, 2009

Happy New Year All – Good luck Richmond


First off, I’d like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year – may it be better than the last and not as good as the next.

As we go into this new decade, we should reflect on those lessons we learned over the years. If anything, one should acknowledge that the chances of getting the perfect house is not 100 percent and that having a house inspector is a good investment to ensure your chances of enjoying your new home is that much greater.

I view with some suspect the development in the Ottawa-Richmond area. Fortunately, the Board of Directors of the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority went against a staff recommendation to approve the flood plain mapping and voted to defer the matter concerning the flood plain mapping for the Van Gaal drain north of Perth Street in Richmond to its January meeting. 

One reason was that Mattamy wanted more time to consider the plans and another brought up by Councilllor Brooks concerning the mapping done of the proposed earthworks.

Mattamy believes they have been TOO CONSERVATIVE in their mapping plans.  This from a company that does illegal berm building along rivers and has homes with flooded basements in Bracebridge.

The plan was built on the fact that the surrounding land is used to grow corn, which is rotated and only grown on the land once in 3 years.  The other crops encourage less run-off and Mattamy wants the plans designed on this factor. 

Normally you plan for the worst scenario ( i.e. 100 year storms) because when it happens, and it will, you want to ensure the safety of those living in the area.  So here we have a builder wanting them to reduce the protection because it will only occur every 2 out of 3 years. 

Am I wrong Mattamy?

“If Mattamy Homes views are considered, the projected flood flow in the Van Gaal drain north of Perth Street could go from about eight inches down to four inches.”

Yes, this is the viewpoint of a builder that also bends the electrical code to satisfy a sale. 

Rules?  Who needs them when you’re rich.


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