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December 17, 2009

Are donations really from the heart or just good business?


I read recently that Greenpark Homes, through Greenpark Chairman Carlo Baldassara, his wife and their family, donated $1 million to the future Markham Stouffville Hospital for the purposes of an ultrasound centre.

Also, Mr. Peter Gilgan, president & CEO of Mattamy Homes donated $400,000 from his “Peter Gilgan Charitable Foundation” to the “Peter Gilgan Family YMCA.

No, I am not here to compare the largesse of either builder nor discuss disturbing things I hear about the Oakville YMCA but, to wonder just what is behind the donations.  Charitable goodwill or something else?

When I searched the internet, I really didn’t find any complaints against GreenPark homes but found a number against Mattamy Homes.  I also discovered that both Greenpark and Mattamy claim to be “Canada’s largest homebuilder”. 

Greenpark claims over 52,000 built while Mattamy claims only 46,000 and includes the United States.   Doing the math based on their supplied figures, I guess we can tell who is the largest and who is telling a white lie.  The only difference is that Mattamy stated “new” home builder.  Does that mean Greenpark only builds old houses to claim the award??

Speaking of white lies, an internet search will also show Mattamy charged with illegal dumping causing environmental damage to the Ottawa area, selling homes prior to getting final approval, flooding basements in Bracebridge, illegal wiring that put children’s lives at risk, etc, etc, etc.

Now, who would you want to invest your money with?  A home builder who claims to be Canada’s largest with over 6,000 fewer builds, has to include the United States to get to that figure and, has been caught doing things not overly legal over the years? 

I should note that in addition to the $1 million donation to the Markham Stouffville Hospital, the Baldassara family has also donated $1 million to the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation and $1 million to the Toronto General Hospital.  Interesting to note that Gilgan owned a house that sold for $35 million and was costing, according to one source, $1 million per year to operate.  Something about the “ME” generation seems to be coming out here.

Now, Mattamy has donated large sums as well, including one project spearheaded by former Oakville Mayor Ann Mulvale .  She accepted a donation to the Wellspring Cancer support centre in Oakville while involved in an investigation concerning Mattamy Homes.  I guess  the donation was more important than the fact that Mattamy was able to make a sale by putting illegal wiring into a house and putting children’s lives at risk .

Funny thing is that she didn’t even apologize for the fact that one of her building inspectors allowed it to happen.  So much for accountability in the Oakville bureaucracy.

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  1. I believe your ‘largest builder’ reference requires qualification. Greenpark has been in business for 42 years, whereas Mattamy has been in business for 30. This likely explains the 52,000 versus 46,000 comparison. As you know, there are many ways to categorize ‘largest’. Over the course of history? Over the last year? Two years? Five years? If you search stats for the last 5 (or more) years I believe you will find that Mattamy Homes has sold and closed more homes than any other builder in the GTA, in fact by a large margin. I suggest you do your research a bit better next time. It is clear you have a decidedly ‘anti Mattamy’ stance, dare I say libelous, and in the very least, you should get your details straight.

    Comment by Anne H — December 18, 2009 @ 2:33 pm | Reply

  2. Well, you are right about the definition but since neither qualifies how they get their figures, I’m not about to waste my time trying to figure it out. I need the time to fix my Mattamy built home. Before they claim something they should be able to prove it, like my disclosures about Mattamy. They are provable. Recently both Rogers and Bell were told they couldn’t advertise they were the fastest and most reliable networks as they really don’t put forth any proof. Maybe Mattamy and GreenPark should qualify their statement. And we are not talking only the GTA nor sales in the United States but Canada overall.

    Anti-Mattamy? Well if you call putting in illegal wiring that put children at risk, selling homes prior to City approval, beginning construction on land fertilized with human waste, etc, etc, anti-Mattamy, then yes, I guess I am. I haven’t noticed any other large builders brought to trial, except maybe that one builder in Hamilton.

    Libelous? If I was, I am sure Peter Gilgan and Mattamy would bring me to trial but they would have to explain how a municipal house inspector allowed the closing of a home with an illegally wired furnace. Telling the truth isn’t libelous nor my interpretation of the facts.

    And getting my details straight. Readers will notice that in fact I have corrected a Blog if shown it was wrong or gave the wrong impression. I do like to ensure that the facts presented in this blog are provable and give the reader enough information to make a decision on just what it implies. Unlike Mattamy who sold a house with illegal wiring, gave a donation to the mayor of Oakville and nothing was done in terms of the investigation other than to pass it to the Province of Ontario – including my not getting a copy of the investigation. Conflict of interest – I will let the reader decide on the facts presented.

    And one last point – I give information about Mattamy as I can prove what they have done wrong. To date, I’ve really had nothing brought to my attention about another builder, except the one in Hamilton on which I reported. Funny isn’t it. Most complaints on the internet centre around Mattamy and some are proven in court. I only hope that those in Ottawa that have been waiting for Mattamy to get its act together will enjoy this Christmas and New Years, another year not in their new home.

    Comment by LN — December 18, 2009 @ 6:57 pm | Reply

    • Moron

      Comment by Anonymous — January 16, 2018 @ 12:14 pm | Reply

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