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November 13, 2009



Jenny Kotulak, a broker in the Oakville area, left a very good comment with good advice in my “About and Contact Section”  Hers is #10.

I think her comment on “buyer we aware” is very appropriate, for buying a new house or old.

The people in Ottawa, Mattamy Fairwinds, found out they were buying houses and Mattamy had no permit to build.  Those in Halton bought houses and are now being told by Mattamy they have to pay an extra $7800+ levy. 

Not nice surprises to have while you await your house.  Some things you can’t know but to keep on top of things, follow the blogs in your area to ensure you are kept aware of things happening that might affect your financial and physical welfare.  Listen to the experts and follow their advice and ensure you hire people to not only give you good advice but are independent enough to have your interest as their prime concern.

For those thinking of buying homes, look at the company track record.  Not the advertising nor the self-serving awards from places like J.D. Power (who finally woke up to Mattamy’s declining customer satisfaction record) or BILD.  Go to the blogs and see who is unhappy and why.  Their experiences will give you information on where to plug the holes in the purchase offers and who to hire to help you.

Some blogs have been shut down due to builder pressure and others keep going.  Remember – if they aren’t telling the truth, they would be open to a lawsuit.  The truth hurts but, when you know it, you can prepare yourself and be aware of how to look after yourself.  Your builder is looking after his profit and those large builders can lose a few customers without worrying.  Can you afford to lose your investment or have to pay big bucks to pay for their mistakes?

Remember one point – at some point you will probably want to sell your house.  A buyer can, without any problem, hire a house inspector to look after their interest. 

Who looked after your interest on the new house?  A municipal inspector who overlooked things, a mayor who wanted donation money over children’s safety, a sub-contractor giving you shoddy service because the builder was cutting his contract money? 

Hire a house inspector so that you know your future home will be built and will last a reasonable time before needing NORMAL maintenance.  Otherwise, you will not only pay to have your house built but you will have to pay for unneccessary repairs early and,  also pay to have your house repaired for someone buying it who does hire a house inspector to look after their interests.

Thanks Jenny for the very good advice.

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