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November 11, 2009

Safety during inspections





I read a very good column in the Toronto Sun titled, “Safety on-site” written by Nicole McLaws.  It discussed that drive you have to visit the site of your home being built, balanced by the safety concerns of the builder.  Both are very important and relevant.

I have to side with the builders in telling you a building site is not for the faint of heart, nor a visiting playground for children.  But, you as an owner should be able to visit and monitor the construction and ensure you are getting your value.

So, point one is leave the kids at home.  How anyone can inspect their property while looking after a couple of kids is beyond me and if you’re not keeping an eye on them, I hope you can accept the consequences of cutting their young lives short.

As McLaws pointed out, wear the right clothing for a construction site – I love heels on a woman but not when they are covered in mud, etc.

This will allow you to concentrate not only on your own personal safety but really have a good look at your house.

This is one reason I recommend a house inspector.  They are professional, very safety conscious and are being paid to find all the faults before you sign off. 

Now, builders like Mattamy let you do a quick frame-walk and then a quick PDI where you might be able to see some of the stuff and ask them questions.  Yes, ask the guy who is making the mistake a question.  Unless you are in the trades, how do you argue a point with him.  Like a mechanic arguing a point of law with a lawyer.  Just doesn’t cut it.

Now, a professional house inspector representing your interests can in fact argue your point – either verbally or in writing.  As long as they have the time to do a proper inspection, you will get your value from them.

I suggest you write into your purchase agreement that one be allowed to inspect the home.  If the builder says no, ask why.  And don’t fall for the bullshit line – safety.  A house inspector is better qualified to inspect your home in terms of safety than you are.  If they say no, you can still sign the purchase agreement but, you might not be happy.  I know I wasn’t with Mattamy and a lot more are in the same boat as I was.

So, make an investment that not only looks after your house quality but also your own safety.

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