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November 4, 2009

When it rains, it pours!!!!


In my last blog I mentioned that Mattamy seemed to have some trouble putting on roofs with some substance.  Not the kind of roof that would at least until your newborn got into high school, let alone college.

Well, there seems to be another problem and in all fairness to Mattamy, a problem that might be attributed to any builder who doesn’t understand the dynamics of water flow.  Since Mattamy was charged in the Ottawa area with illegal landfill into the Jock River, we can understand their lack of understanding in hydrology.

One person observed, on Mattamy homes at least, that when you have multiple roof levels on one house, you sometimes have downspouts that direct water to the lower roof.  He noticed that this concentrated water seemed to curl the shingles in that area and cause premature failure of the roofing.  Another homeowner noted that some of the downspouts caused rainwater to flow horizontally across the shingles, causing failure.

The observation of this fault was backed up by at least two house inspectors,  Halton-Peel Home Inspection and Halton Home Inspection Service who offered a solution. 

Ensure that the downspout is extended across the roof to the next gutter.  Yes, some feel it detracts from the house appearance – a problem that the Mattamy architect created but, you can have a functional house or a pretty house with a leaking roof. 

Your choice.

The advice given is:  ensure the builder puts on the extension and note same on your PDI.  If they don’t and there is roof damage, you might have a better chance at compensation.

If you want to learn more go to this link as there is some good advice.

Elementary, my dear, Gilgan, elementary.

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