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October 29, 2009

Let the taxpayer eat cake – development industry’s view on development charges


Here we have the building industry worried about the recession and costs and, what are they doing?  According to an article in the October 28th “Oakville Beaver”, they are taking the Town of Oakville to the OMB to argue that the development charges are too high.

Yes, those very organizations that made a fortune just awhile back when the development charges were too low are now fighting to keep them low.  I didn’t see them telling the Town of Oakville that the development charges were too low and that they were making a fortune on the taxpayer’s back, back in the day.  But now, Mattamy Realty Limited, the Building Industry and Land Development (BILD) Association, Silgold Developments Inc. and Donmar Contraplan Inc. are going to spend a lot of their money and the money of the poor taxpayer to try and keep the development charges down so that a profit can be made on the backs of the taxpayer.

According to the article, Donmar’s lawyer, Blair Taylor,  thinks, “the decision does not fit the current economic climate”.  Where was he when the developers made a fortune during the building frenzy a few years ago and the development charges were too low.  Did he complain then?

Peter Gilgan did not get to build his $45 million Edgemere with reasonable development charges being charged on his developments.  Sorry, did I say $45 milliion.  I understand he only got $ 35 million – hard to understand how a developer could so over price his house for sale.  Hmmmm, I wonder if he also over prices his products?

Anyways, it seems that the developers, who got a free ride before, are trying everything to ensure profits stay high and taxpayers pay the freight.  We will see on November 12th, when Halton council meets to discuss this issue. 

As an aside, I see that Mississauga council has voted to have Mayor Hazel McCallion investigated for not declaring a conflict of interest.  Interesting to note, the Toronto Star states that “mega-builder Harold Shipp” attended and supported McCallion, even to the point saying that this stress might kill her and he supports her lying in state in the council chamber. 

Now, that is true support from the development industry and remember, former Town of Oakville mayor, Ann Mulvale has McCallion as a mentor.  But then Mulvale is on record as having received donations from Mattamy, while Mattamy had a complaint before council.  At least the City of Mississauga is standing up to the development industry, unlike what the Town of Oakville did.

Better late than never.

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