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October 27, 2009

Is Alberta truly happy with Mattamy?


I have just had a comment from an “Arvin” in Alberta who recently bought a Mattamy home and is quite pleased with it.  First of all, this is not unusual in that I am sure Mattamy doesn’t screw up every house they build but, my blog focuses on those they do screw up and their attitude, etc is such that the new homeowner ends up being screwed.

Arvin wonders why if there are so many out there who are dissatisfied, why are there no lawsuits and why Mattamy gets so many awards?

In my case, I can’t tell you much due to the gag order but, I tried to go the route of having the law changed so that homeowners would be protected by being allowed to hire a house inspector and have it put into the purchase agreement.

By the way Arvin, get Mattamy’s permission and I’ll tell you the real story.  See if they will let you learn the truth if you feel they are so honest and, if they say no, wonder why.

From reading my blog you will note how this was brushed aside by the Town of Oakville council, led by former mayor Ann Mulvale (who was arranging donations from Mattamy) and by the Pr0vince of Ontario who said this would cost the consumer (much like the eco audit they have implemented).

Why others have not, I can only speculate.  One reason you don’t read about it, unless Mattamy wants it in the open, is that the problem is mediated prior to court and a settlement made.  Like the human rights complaint where Mattamy agreed to allow those with special needs to be told upfront the costs of adjustments to the house.  Of course, this showed how benevolent Mattamy is, after the complaint started.  Also, how many papers will print the complaints, considering the advertising revenue they get from Mattamy.  (imagine what a 2 page spread in the Toronto Star costs)

One blog, which outlined the Ottawa problem  of Mattamy selling without permits, called “Mattamy Fairwinds Kanata Phase 5 Delay” is no longer functioning.  Did the bloggers reach a settlement or, were they threatened with a lawsuit and decided they couldn’t pay the legal fees?  Who knows?

Others try to work it out with Mattamy and get the runaround and by the time it comes to getting a lawyer, they either don’t have the money to fight a billionaire or, they decide to move on (sometimes literally).

Some rely on the advertised reputation of Mattamy or, they read in blogs how good Mattamy was to some people and try to work it out.  When this doesn’t work, can they afford a lawsuit?  I doubt it when these same people can’t even afford the relatively cheap cost of a house inspector.

And, remember, you may still have to pay your lawyer even if you win.

And the awards?  Well, Mattamy has fallen from J D Power’s grace this year into 2nd place and around last place, depending on the area.  And, if you think Mattamy is so great due to the awards, why would anyone buy a house from another builder who is obviously second class according to the J D. Power’s standard.  Like Obama getting the Nobel peace award, we all know how flimsy the award system is.

So, I really do hope Arvin that you will be happy in your Mattamy home but remember, just because the lawyers haven’t been put into a feeding frenzy, it doesn’t mean that people aren’t getting shafted daily by Mattamy

We are a very large crowd out there that wasn’t given the voice we should have.  Who gives the biggest donations and reaps the benefits?

Nooooooobody but Mattamy.

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