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October 25, 2009

Some will put off their first born for a house.


I have noticed an interesting trend over the last 3 Saturdays.  Normally, Mattamy Homes has a two page advertising spread in the Saturday Toronto Star but on 2 occasions, they have been reduced to a one page spread.

Are we hurting Mattamy after spending all the consumer money on busing Voluntolds to the Halton Council meetings or, are you trying to save money to send more to the November 12th meeting?  If you’re cutting back on advertising I hope you’re using this money towards building a better home for the consumer, unlike some of those you have built in the past.

And, speaking of the consumer.  Stephen Dupuis, president of BILD has an interesting column in the Toronto Star.  Titled “Canadians willing to sacrifice to own a home“, this article shows just how bad we want our own home.

Just how bad you ask?  According to the quoted Genworth MOrtgage Insurance First-Time Homebuyer’s Monitor, 68% of renters said “they would be willing to delay major purchases and more than half would give up vacations.”  Only 25% would give up their car but, we are a personal transport kind of people.

47% would buy further away from work in order to buy a more expensive house, while 41% would get a second job to pay the expenses.  39% would put off having children – I can only hope that the sex part continued or these people will be really desperate to buy.

These figures show just how far people will go to realize the dream of owning a house and lets face it, the builders take advantage of this desire to get you to sign on the dotted line.  And for those living in Halton and going through the development charges and for others, you already know how the builder will try and screw you and, your impatience to buy only clouds your thought processes.  After lining up all night, I think some would buy an outhouse just to get into the market.  And builders feed on this type of drive.  How many have been told to hurry up and make a decision as there was a lineup waiting to take your place.

That’s why you surround yourself with impartial experts to guide you along the process.  Yes, I know some of you can do this all on your own and never get burned.  I’ve met a lot of those, including myself.  Can you see the scar tissue?

Based on these figures, it only shows that you need a house inspector to view the house in the not-so-rosy glasses that we all tend to wear upon gaining our new house.  Face it, you’re human and like all humans, we have weaknesses.  Builders are like wolves amongst sheep when it comes to dealing with us and, having that sheep dog to herd us the right way is a good investment.  Forgo that extra latte and put the money towards a good house inspector.

He’ll ensure you don’t lose more weight than necessary through the house buying stress days.

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