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October 23, 2009

Are you house shopping this weekend?


For those of you who are going house shopping this weekend and it is the first time, you might want to read what follows.  If  you’ve already bought before and have learned a lesson, this will only reinforce what you might have learned.  Mattamy or any other builder is out there to make money and, pay big money to hype the fact they are the best but, it seems not all come through in the real world.

“My husband & I purchased a new home and it will be closing May 2009- we attended a seminar provided through the builder “Customer Care Seminar” it informed us about Tarion Warranty (from the sounds of things this is not as good as it seems either), PDI and closing costs. When asked if we could bring our own inspector to the PDI – we got a response that suggested it would be a waste of our money since he would have to follow the individuals conducting the PDI room by room. Also he would not be permitted on a ladder nor would he be allowed in the attic. After watching your show tonight- Jan 9th I am very concerned- being a regular person how am I suppose to know if everything is following the building code and as far as I am concerned I will only be able to look for cosmetic problems on the Pre- Delivery Inspection Day. I am starting to worry already especially since I will not become aware of many potential problems until after I take possession. I want to avoid being screwed by the builder as Mike Holmes said on your show. Do you have any further information that can help me ensure that I can do everything possible prior and after possession to prevent having problems with my NEW home.”

Posted by Yvette Barnes on January 9, 2009 10:46 PM

As you can see, trying to get your own house inspector in during a PDI can be problematic, depending on the builder.  If you feel that the builder will be obstructive, I’d suggest you bring the house inspector immediately after possession and let them have a go at the house.  It is still under warranty and close enough to the PDI that you should be able to get things done.  Maybe sign off the PDI making it conditional upon inspection by your own house inspector.  Hey, its your money and investment.

Now, the next one is more Mattamy specific and closer to what I have come to expect from Mattamy.

“I watched your recently televised show on “new home nightmares” with great interest. Although our home is not the same nightmare as the ones you investigated with Mike Holmes, we can relate to these families frustrations. We bought our new home from Canada’s largest builder, Mattamy homes. At first, we believed all of their marketing hype claimng they were the best but we ended up being very disappointed. During construction, I found all of the errors on my own that included building code violation, breach of contract and structural upgrades we chose not being completed. On three separate ocasions I discovered the wrong R-value insulation being installed and I had to have several two hour meetings with building staff to resolve these issues. On closing day we ended up with unbelievably poor workmanship in our home that had over 300 deficiencies. So far there have been 8 roofs on our street that have been totally re-shingled due to the lack of ice-shield which is required by the Ontario Building Code. The bottom line is that builders, trades and inspectors rely on most buyers ignorance to facilitate cutting corners to save money and time. I did not have much faith in tract builders until I fell hook line and sinker for all of Mattamy’s promises and positive marketing. Never again will I buy another home from any tract builder – especially not during a housing boom when you can guarantee that everyone is rushed and workmanship suffers. We’ve had some success in having deficiencies corrected but it is a full time job.”

Posted by Craig Chiasson on January 10, 2009 02:58 PM 

You’ll notice the re-shingling of many roofs in their Mattamy development.  Who ever heard of roofs failing in that length of time and if it is not caught within the year, you’ll find yourself replacing the roof prematurely either for yourself or the guy buying your house if you sell.

This is a long blog but I felt that you should at least be pre-warned on buying a house from Mattamy or any other builder.  I could add many more complaints but, you get the idea.  

Good luck and protect yourself with a house inspector.  No one else will look after you.


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