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October 17, 2009

Mandatory energy audits – even new homes should beware


For those of you who are potential homebuyers of NEW homes, there is a potential problem looming up on the horizon.

If you’ve read my previous blogs you’ll know that I have shown that builders, and in my case specifically Mattamy Homes, do not always build a house that would stand up to normal criticism – not a fussy person but a person with reasonable standards who has just forked out at least a quarter million of hard earned money.  And that these problems can be a gift that keeps on giving, unlike the bouquet of flowers you get upon closing.  Actually the flowers and your feelings towards your lemon house can sort of wither together.

In today’s Toronto Star Homes section on page H8, Bob Aaron’s column headlines: “Ontario a step closer to mandatory energy audits”.

For those of you trying for the federal and provincial home renovation grants, you know you’ve had to pay $350 to have this audit done in order to qualify for the grants.  I’m not sure if the Green Energy Act 2009, Ontario will offer a different style of audit but you can bet it won’t be any cheaper.

Want to sell your house – add on an energy audit and pay the piper.  If the audit score is too low, I guess you’ll be making repairs or, reducing the selling price of your house. 

 Here we have a government that will be forcing you to do this but won’t support you in the hiring of a house inspector by regulating the fact you can have it put into the purchase agreement.  Why?  They say it will cost the consumer money.  Oh, you mean like this Green Energy Act audit?

At least with you hiring a house inspector up front you can assure yourself that your home is built to standard (I think we’ve shown that the municiapal inspectors and builders have blown it) and will survive this energy audit with litttle cost to you in the future.  Little bit of action now will save you big in the future.  Remember the guy with the Mattamy home whose shingles were failing after 4 years.

And think – you are still using your own money but the difference is, you’re making the builder use all your money, as was stated in the contract, to ensure your new house is built properly. 

The recent Sundial escapade, numerous references to the failing of Mattamy and, since Mattamy has won all the awards over the years, god only knows how bad the rest of the pack is when it comes to building a house that won’t cost you a lot in renovations over the years.

Remember, Peter Gilgan’s former house in Oakville is being considered for demolition.  A disposable $35 milliion house.  Must be nice to live in that kind of lifestyle but then, it was built with OUR  money.

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