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October 12, 2009

Bob,Ted, Carole and Alice would have problems at the PDI…


So you and the significant other, along with old Uncle Charlie – because he knows everything about houses, show up for your PDI.  You know your limitations on checking construction but you have all the faith in old uncle Charlie.  Well, the builder doesn’t have to let old uncle Charlie on the property, unless you or your spouse make a decision not to enter or you made pre-arrangements.  Yes, they may see Charlie as a rube they can bluff but, if they feel he is competent, they can lawfully say no.  And, if your third party is a professional and qualified house inspector, unless you made prior arrangements in writing, you can maybe kiss that person’s help goodbye.

Why?  Builders prerogative backed up by a Tarion regulation.  I asked Tarion if you can bring a house inspector with you on your PDI.  Here is their answer:

“In regards to your question, builders often only allow two people to attend the pre-delivery inspection (“PDI”) for safety reasons on their work site. If a homeowner wishes to have a home inspector with him / her on the day of the PDI, this should be allowed as builders usually allow a maximum of two people to the PDI.”  

Now, a professional and competent house inspector will have the proper insurance to cover safety issues, etc, so that reason really doesn’t cut anything here.

Tarion states you can take 2 people in their regulations:

“The PDI represents one of your first opportunities to view your new home in its completed state. Your builder’s representative will guide you or your designate* through a comprehensive inspection and show you how to operate the systems in your home, such as ventilation, plumbing and heating. “

You’ll note the you 0r your designate.  I guess instead of being seen in the light as a professional (lawyer,mortgage holder,real estate agent) who are part of the team to help you, a house inspector might be put in the status of a designate, which will limit the number of people you can have with you on a PDI.  Good way for an incompetent builder to stop you from bringing  a house inspector with you – not in writing, not pre-authorized, more than 2 people.  Like its reasonable to think you’ll ask your spouse to stay outside during the PDI!!!

So, if you want to cover yourself, I’d recommend you really have the house inspector noted in the purchase agreement.  If the builder states no, ask yourself why?  Is it because they are incompetent, afraid of a professional critique, aren’t up to building a home of some quality or, have built some homes like I have shown Mattamy has built? 

Hey, it’s your investment and you can pay now or pay later.. Paying up front is soooo much easier.

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  1. Good luck on noting that in the purchase agreement with Mattamy. Unless things have changed from when I bought a Mattamy home, they will accept absolutely NO changes to the purchase agreement whatsoever. I was told before even asking about changes to the agreement not to bother even trying as they would reject absolutely ANY changes whatsoever no matter how minor or relevant.

    Comment by Tim A — October 13, 2009 @ 12:21 pm | Reply

  2. I think when a company does that, it shows the level of business they are willing to engage in – their way or the highway. Not very conducive to starting a good relationship I would think. One of the reasons I wanted it written in regulations that the homeowner would have the RIGHT to have a house inspector assist them in the construction of their home. I think we have seen enough instances to show that this is necessary and the current regulations really don’t protect you or, just allow base quality of the contruction – building codes are usually minimum standards. Too bad the politicians have gotten use to the Development Donations gravey train.

    Comment by oakvillehomes — October 13, 2009 @ 6:45 pm | Reply

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