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October 7, 2009

Ask your builder – why no house inspector for me?


For those reading my blog or visiting various forums, you will know there is a major battle going on in Halton Region in regards to the Development Charges.

Short version – Halton wants the developers (& new homeowners) to pay the development charges for the new infrastructure instead of the existing  taxpayers. Sounds logical doesn’t it.

But the battle, led by Mattamy Homes, who is willing to spend large sums of money busing Voluntolds to the public meetings, is causing a lot of grief for those who have and intend to buy homes. A visit to the forums shows that people are wondering why Mattamy, who knew of the increases, didn’t disclose these additional charges when prospective buyers were trying to buy a Mattamy Home and determine the final cost to them. Some wonder why lawyers didn’t put a cap on these charges. I understand some lawyers feel that these charges are not new taxes and therefore no cap was necessary.  Was it just Mattamy or did other builders forget this small item in their sale’s pitch?  I’d mention Sundial but they might sue me.

Here is a supposed quality builder with many J.D. Power awards and a recent BILD award who seems to have not told the whole story to those buying homes.  I guess that is why we should all have a lawyer when closing a real estate deal.  Not everything is disclosed to the buyer.

And you wonder why I tell people to hire a house inspector.

What I’d like to know is – if a builder has all these awards in regards to customer satisfaction and quality, why would they be reluctant for you to put in the purchase agreement that you want to bring a house inspector to your PDI or, to monitor the construction?  Why are they reluctant for you to protect the largest investment you will ever have?

We’ve seen the recent Ponzi scams and Conrad Black’s escapades and of course the great melt-down due to the housing industry in the U.S.  So, ask your builder if you can have a house inspector.  If they say no, wonder why and prepare yourself for future problems.  And wonder why they might not let you have certain house inspectors = are they too honest about what they see?

We’ve already shown what happens to some who didn’t have the protection.

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