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October 4, 2009

McCallion and Mulvale – sisters in politics.


I was away for awhile , which bothered me in that I would miss the September 30th meeting at Halton Council.    I see it has been postponed , according to a posting by Councillor Colin Best: “Staff have agreed and will be placing the report and any recommendations on the Thursday November 12th Administration and Fianance committee at 1.30 pm in the Regional building on Bronte road and QEW.”

I guess BILD is having a problem getting enough material together to show they shouldn’t pay the development costs or some other argument designed to ultimately make the taxpayer pay.

The first  paper I read, upon my return, was the Toronto Star and the headline was about Mississauga Mayor McCallion being under fire for attending development meetings which concerned her son, OMERS and developers.  She is now having to face a judge who will review this possible transgression in civic ethics.

Now, as I have mentioned in the past, Mayor McCallion was considered a mentor of former Oakville Mayor Ann Mulvale.  In my case, regarding the illegal (code) wiring that Mattamy perfomed on my house, with the blessing of a Town of Oakville building inspector, Mulvale attended some of the committee meetings – meetings which were determining whether or not my complaint would reach council.  These were not committees that she would normally sit on.  Why did she attend?  Could it have been that she was actively engaged in procuring donations from Mattamy Homes?  Could her presence have influenced the committee?

In McCallion’s case, she did not declare a conflict of interest.  Neither did Mulvale.  I leave it to the reader to decide whether or not, in Mulvale’s case, it could have been construed as a conflict of interest in my case in that she was actively pursuing donations from a company who was proven to be in conflict with the code and ultimately, in contravention of the Criminal Code if anything had happened. 

Yes, we are talking about Mattamy Homes having to face Criminal Negligence charges if someone had been injured or killed due to their lax application of code regulations.  Regulations designed to prevent injury but it seems Mattamy really didn’t care about that aspect.  And think, if they aren’t even worried about criminal charges, how low on the scale do you think they look at other aspects of building that will affect you, the homeowner.  Leaky basements, houses sold without permit, poor shingling, roads in rough condition, faulty lighting, nail pops, etc to name just a few items..

If Mulvale runs again, I wonder how much money will be donated to her campaign by developers such as Mattamy

November 12th is on my calendar – what’s on yours?  I only hope that Mattamy doesn’t bus too many Voluntolds to this event – I’d love to be able to sit in on it as a taxpayer.

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