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September 24, 2009

Booze,Broads,Politicians and Mattamy


Booze and Broads – two things that always get cops into trouble.  Politicians?  You can add real estate and development to that list.  In the September 24th edition of the Toronto Star – Greater Toronto section, GT1, the title read: “Video contradicts McCalliion”.  Seems that the Grand Dame of Mississauga has been a little remiss in not verbally declaring a conflict of interest during private meetings concerning “a development deal her son was pushing while the matter was under council scrutiny“.

Shades of the past.  Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion is considered a mentor of former Mayor of Oakville, Ann Mulvale.  And I remember Ann (known as Asphalt Annie “on the street”) being involved in my matter of the illegal (code) wiring that Mattamy performed on my house.  So much so that she attended committee meetings on the matter.  At no time did she reveal that she was actively engaged in securing donations from Mattamy Homes for a very worthwhile project.  And although I think the project very worthwhile, putting my children at risk begs the question – Does the end justify the means???

I always wonder how many local politicians get funding from local developers and then don’t declare a conflict of interest when development matters come forward to council.  Are they afraid they won’t have a quorum due to the number receiving these small donations to their political futures?

Appears in McCallion’s case, the 14.4 million dollar land deal, “engineered by her son”, fell apart when someone close to my heart, OMERS, backed out. 

Thank god someone had some integrity.  Hate to think of all that pension money tied up in some legal battle which could erupt due to improper shenanigans at city council. 

When the vote happens at Halton Council on September 30th – will there be anyone declaring a conflict of interest?  Lets hope so……..

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