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September 23, 2009

Mattamy – did you line up and get shafted?


I was surfing the net and came across Garth Turner’s blog. It started out as follows: “One night last week, I’m told, 50 young couples were camped outside a sales trailer in the Toronto burb of  Milton. It was unseasonably cold. And uncommonly stupid.”

I remember reading about this lineup in a forum and did feel sorry for these people.  Lining up for what?  A chance to buy a Mattamy Home and either possibly get stiffed in the construction (my gag order stops me from saying how), maybe getting a surprise tax payment from Mattamy or, having illegal (code) wiring put in with the compliments of the Town of Oakville or Milton.  Or, as Garth stated: ” Simply because we’ve entered a new phase of the bubble. The last one – or damn close to it. This is a moment I have seen before in previous booms, when the endgame is marked by one overwhelming sentiment: Buy now, or buy never.”

Yes, we’ve all been caught up in this buying frenzy (and you should read Garth’s full blog to get the full flavour) and unfortunately have probably not covered our butts fully when involved in the buying frenzy.  Yes, not only a buying frenzy but tired to boot from the all night vigil.  I’ve worked nights and I can tell you from personal experience – the brain doesn’t work as well the next day.

But you say.. I’ve heard it from you already.  Well, here are a few souls that have come forward and are sharing their Mattamy experiences with you.  After reading this, you will see why I suggest the house inspector as a minimum – unless you’re a speculator looking for the quick buck.  Glad we didn’t mention Sundial – they might sue me for telling the truth.  As an aside, I visited the Complaints Board and put in Sundial Homes and Mattamy Homes and got 6 and 7 complaints (I’m not counting mine) respectively.  If you have complaints, you might want to visit this site.

42 lgre on 09.23.09 at 8:56 am

Coming from someone who has owned one of these Mattamy shacks in Milton, All I can say is RUN and dont look back. The construction of these houses are garbage, shingles falling off from a little wind, poor plumbing system, drywall thin as cardboard, foundations cracking multiple times, very poor insulation and the list goes on. The material used is the cheapest material that could be had.

The arrogance is also sickening, they act like selling you a Mattamy is done as a favour to you. They bought Milton and monopolized the town with their crap shacks.
#45 Andrew on 09.23.09 at 9:06 am

I wouldn’t touch these Mattamy houses with a ten foot pole. Why are they worth a third of a million dollars? They’re located in the middle of nowhere. A house in the old town of Milton (you know, the city of 10,000 or so hidden deep inside almost 100,000 people of suburbs, consisting overwhelmingly of Mattamy “Widelot” (R) Homes, might be worth something. A house on the fringes of Toronto’s urban area might be worth something. These are neither.

Land costs? You really think a 35×80 foot sliver of land, on the fringes of Milton, which is nowhere near running out of land, is actually worth anything? Is it the building itself? They’re so poorly built they’ll be tear-downs in 15 years.

In essense these are not terribly valuable assets, yet are pawned off by developers as being worth a barrel’o’cash, which the bank will give you for pennies on the dollar (as long as you pay those pennies every month for the rest of your life). Why? Because they can, mostly. People will buy them.

These are depreciating assets with little land value, no different than say a condo in Toronto’s Cityplace development (vertical sprawl, more or less). Yet house-mania sets in, and off you go. At least you can probablyfind a tenant at Cityplace to cover most of your costs.

60 Foggy on 09.23.09 at 10:42 am

I wish someone had taken a picture of these people in the line up. I’m really curious as to what their demographic is. And “wide lot” is a cruel trick considering they are only 80 feet deep. Makes for a very small square footage lot. Get used to waving to your neighbours as you see each other constantly from any window in your home.

miketheengineer on 09.23.09 at 10:56 am

Garth et al: I own a Mattamy home, purchased about 10 years ago. I noticed the neighbour’s home, had severe “shingle” issues. Some missing, others peeling up, from the top to bottom of the roof. And their home is a year younger than mine. You have to question the materials. Other issues on our street, include: rotted out garage doors. They are basically dust particles with some glue mixed in. Any moisture, and they disintegrate. I guess to keep costs down and profits up they skimped a bit on the materials.

So much for the 25 year shingle warranty. I am too scared to look at my roof.

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  1. Mattamy homes are the worst homes I have ever bought

    Comment by Anonymous — December 2, 2011 @ 2:33 pm | Reply

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