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September 21, 2009

Fellow Blogger being sued!!!!!


If you go to the following link, you will see a Global TV story on Milton resident  Denise Cooperwhite and her husband and the battle they are having with their builder – SUNDIAL.


It appears that Denise has had trouble with her builder and decided to do a blog on the condition of their home.  Not knowing Sundial’s side as they won’t talk to Global, I can only go on what I have seen.  Of course, we have to assume that Denise is telling the truth but, the pictures certainly show the problem, up to and including open live wiring (kind of reminds me of my wiring problem with Mattamy).  If Sundial wants to comment here, they are more than welcome to tell their side of the story.

Appears that Sundial wants to shut this down and has proceeded legally against the Cooperwhites.  She has had professional house inspectors in and they back up her story and even found more problems.  One reason to hire a house inspector at the start so as to ensure you don’t move into an unsafe environment.

Assuming that Denise is telling the whole story, then we should give her all the support she needs (haven’t found a link to her blog yet though) to ensure that we don’t see a precedent here being set that allows builders to shut down those that have a problem with the construction and express themselves.  We don’t want to allow any Bully Boy tactics to discourage people getting what they paid for in the construction of their homes. 

In the Halton Region matter concerning the Development Charges, Mattamyhas seen fit to strip workers off the worksite, thus delaying the closing of your homes and, take these Voluntoldsto Halton Council as a show of force, easily outnumbering the taxpayers that have to take a day off work to give their opinion.  It is imperative that the local councillors know your viewpoint so that if you support the taxpayer not having to increase their taxes to pay for the development, then the councillors can vote on it knowing they have the full support of the local citizenry and not some Voluntolds.

Good luck Denise.

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  1. Hi,

    I found your blog about Mattamy Homes>

    We just put a offer in on a Mattamy Home in Milton. ( Hawthorn Villager )

    I would Like to chat with you about what problems you had?

    Did you end up in court about the bad wireing?

    What did the Town do to help you?

    Building Department or even the Mayor or Councillors??

    Please drop me a line.

    We have 10 days to cancel our contract with Mattamy

    Thanks David

    Comment by David Scott — September 28, 2010 @ 8:28 pm | Reply

    • David.. if you leave me an email address, I can let you know. Some stuff I can’t discuss due to a gag order. The wiring problem is on public record. Other articles in my blog will discuss issues other people have had with Mattamy. People have also had issues with other builders but a search of the Internet seems to reflect more issues with Mattamy. The Town inspector OK’d the illegal wiring, which the Director later put on record that they would not OK a house in that condition (no hydro).Mayor and Town and Councillors listened to complaint but did nothing. No move against Mattamy nor the inspector. I had decided not to sue and asked for legislation to allow homeowner the right of a house inspector which they denied. Mattamy has banned inspectors at times. No matter the builder, get a professional house inspector to help you in the process and to note all issues that should be dealt with. Having a friend or relative just doesn’t cut it and make sure you follow all Tarion deadlines. Document in written form and photo any issues. Blog will give pointers.. Take care and good luck

      Comment by LN — September 28, 2010 @ 11:24 pm | Reply

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