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September 18, 2009

Mattamy – just how safety conscious are they?


Safety in the construction business is a life and death matter that must be taken seriously.   As I have shown, Mattamy really didn’t take illegal wiring in my house as a serious matter, even though it could have caused serious death or injury.

One of???

No!!!  The Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) in Ontario regulates pipelines in Ontario.  In today’s world of technology you’d think it pretty hard to dig in the wrong spot and burst some pipeline – some containing very explosive substances.

Mattamy, in a 6 year span,  triggered eight ruptures – among the most of any company in Ontario – TSSA data shows.  Also, Mattamy is one of the few to be prosecuted, when they received a $3000 fine.  Mattamy, of course blames it on the number of homes they build.  Are they saying they have so many homes to build they can’t be concerned about safety?  I just wonder how many other homes received the illegal (code) wiring treatment and they got away with it?  Sorry, they got away with it in my case thanks to donation recipient Town of Oakville.

So, Mattamy may show the children in their ads, but I wonder how many will become orphans thanks to this cavalier attitude towards safety.

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  1. Reminds me that I found the carbon monoxide levels very high in my new Mattamy home. I couldn’t figure out why this was for a while until I noticed that in the attached garage, NOTHING was sealed. This is supposed to be a “code” violation and is something that is specifically checked by city code inspectors. When I informed Mattamy, they almost immediately (within minutes) showed up at my door looking to fix this. I was surprised as they never bothered to respond much unless they were bugged time and time again about other problems. I knew something was up and sent them away so that I could gather evidence and report this to the city.

    This is where things get more interesting. The city (Brampton, Ontario) didn’t care whatsoever. I was actually told by the house inspector supervisor that I must be mistaken about what I saw because there is no way this would pass code. Politely I informed the supervisor that I was not mistaken and he can come out and look for himself. He basically insulted me repeatedly at this point and tried to turn things around saying that his inspectors would not miss something like this so no way it would pass inspection. I couldn’t believe this guy and it only goes to show that he really didn’t want to know the truth or that he knew guys out in the field weren’t really inspecting properly. There is just simply no other explanation here.

    Furthermore, one of the major and obvious unsealed holes was were the gas line entered the basement. I could literally look right into the basement the whole was so big. This got me to wondering how running a GAS line from the front of the garage at car bumper (or door) level all the way to the back of the garage can be to code.

    Once again, I couldn’t get anybody from the city to care about this. I couldn’t get a clear answer as to whether that was done by code or not. But any common sense would indicate it is not. How easy would it be to ram the car into the line and rupture it and possibly cause an explosion. Or slam the door on it and possibly rupture it (although this is a lot less likely I would think but not impossible).

    I went to the fire department but they didn’t seem too interested either other than to say it doesn’t make much sense to run a gas line like that but said if the builder did it, it must be to code. You would think the fire department would have some say into this type of thing or at least know what the code is for this kind of thing. Further, they said talk to the city. The fire department only seemed concerned if/when the pipe was ruptured.

    Once I was happy I gathered evidence and exhausted all avenue’s of getting somebody to care about this I had Mattamy seal up the garage. After that, no more carbon monoxide problems.

    Gotta wonder how many other families are breathing in all this monoxide in houses Mattamy hasn’t bothered to properly seal? Wonder if there have been any deaths??? Maybe then the city might WAKE UP.

    Comment by Tim A — September 18, 2009 @ 3:34 pm | Reply

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