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September 7, 2009

Muskoka – Buy Mattamy and have it in your basement.


Weekend centre foldout in the Toronto Star from Mattamy Homes declared: “The Last Long Weekend Of Summer Would Last A Lot Longer If You Lived Here.” They go on to state there’s nothing like Muskoka. Well, they are right, with Mattamy you get to keep a little bit of Muskoka all year round right in your basement.

According to the Bracebridge Examiner, a couple who had an old Mattamy decided to move there and relied on the reputation of Mattamy when buying their new house (sound familiar?). Well, they and others found they will enjoy the outdoors of Muskoka in their basement due to the flooding, some on the same day they moved in.  And I’ve read nothing since to show what has happened in this case.  I guess Mattamy is now trying to flog these houses, thinking people will have forgotton minor details like flooded basements.

Ah yes, all that natural beauty of Muskoka contained right there in your own house.  Hey, but what’s a flooded basement amongst friends?

What’s that you say? Appears that the O’Briens are also suffering from the quality of the dry walling, concrete, cabinetry, carpeting and painting.  Hmm, sounds familiar as well.

Here’s a former Mattamy House owner who bought on perceived quality of their first Mattamy Home.  And, a lot of others in that subdivision have suffered as well.  What does that tell you?

For the sake of less than a $1000, you should hire a house inspector, unless you kind of like the idea of a piece of Muskoka in your basement or the fact that your house is starting out as sub-standard in quality.  Hey, its your investment – either protect it or live with the consequences. 

As I know, Mattamy will do anything, up to and including breaking the law (code), to put a sale through.

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