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September 3, 2009

Does your ceramic crack with Mattamy?


“It’s about time  that Mattamy stopped their ongoing love affair with minimum standards.”  I saw this quote over at the Hawthorne Villager forum, put forth by Andy Shaw of Halton Home Inspection Service.  It is in response to a discussion on cracking grout, largely attributed to those homes built in the now defunct Mattamy factory in Milton.  Will we ever know the real story??

You pay for the upgrade and the grout starts to crack within, in some cases,  3 months of occupancy.  Reminds me of my floor, which has some low spots that give that ripple effect to the floor.  I found the Mattamy installation to be very poor in quality.  Each tile, and we are talking kitchen, main hallway and downstairs bathroom, had a hardened piece of something on each tile.  These had to be scrubbed by hand and, along with the red clay that arose, made quite a mess.  Oh, and Mattamy couldn’t be bothered with it.  My wife and I spent a day doing the job.  Just the kind of thing you need the first week in a house.

I only wish I’d had the advice of a professional house inspector as I feel they may have given me some worthwhile advice that would have saved my back for the day.

And do they really repair the damage?  According to Stevenr:  “Yes, this happened in my kitchen. I am in a phase two powell constructed in 2002. we complained to mattamy and they came in and sprayed the tiles with a sealer which halted the chipping, but, it did NOT repair the already chipped areas.”

I know in my case, I did a walkaround of the basement and noticed that under the kitchen there were two  areas that were unsupported that would eventually lead to the ceramics cracking.  Reluctantly, they put in some boards as support.  If I hadn’t pushed for it, my ceramics there would have cracked for sure.

In another forum, they noted you get what you pay for.  In Mattamy’s case, you don’t seem to get the quality you pay for unless you are vigilant.

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