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September 1, 2009

House Inspectors needed more now than ever!!!


Mattamy may have hired some big guns to put forward its argument that the Development Charges in Halton aren’t legal but we should all remember one thing.  EX-justice James Farley, of commercial court experience, is just a lawyer with McCarthy Tetrault.  This firm acts on behalf of Mattamy, so his 13 page legal argument should be taken with a grain of salt.  He is a paid mouthpiece for Mattamy.  Now, if some independent agent of the crown had given a judgement, well, that would carry some weight.

I recently visited a real estate blog and I must say, it gave a very balanced view of the argument regarding Development Charges.  Ryan Chelak, author of the Oakville and Mississauga Real Estate, Home and Condos blog points out what is most important.  Do we support the developers or do we support our elected officials?  Do we increase our taxes or save our taxes for other costs within our household? 

Do we let Mattamy paid ex-justice’s make what I perceived to be a veiled threat of legal action or do we tell our councillors that we support them in their drive to control spiraling development costs that are resulting in reduced incomes due to taxes?  Billionaire welfare or controlled taxes – its your choice.

When JD Power issued the results of its Customer Satisfaction Survey, Marc Thibault, a real estate practice leader with J.D. Power stated: 

 “Given the challenging market conditions, some builders have had to make some very tough decisions regarding their staffing models, and service levels may have suffered as a result.”

For those thinking of buying a Mattamy or any other builder’s home, this should raise a large red flag.  You’ll be paying the price but don’t expect the resulting service for monies paid.  And remember my blog on construction workers not being paid promptly.  If anything, protect your investment with the hiring of a paid gun for yourself –THE HOUSE INSPECTOR.  They are there for YOUR interest.  A properly prepared report by a qualified house inspector will give you the ammunition you need to ensure your castle is built to proper standards and, will give your lawyer the needed facts to pursue your interests.  Billionaire Gilgan needs to be making the bucks if he wants to stay a Billionaire, give out his political donations, hire ex-justices to prepare arguments against our elected officials and otherwise look good for the press. 

It’s YOUR money – spend it wisely.

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