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August 28, 2009

Mattamy – Who loves ya baby?


Well, apparently those in Ottawa have put Mattamy Homes in the basement with the bottom feeders and in Halton, the place of the Mattamy cult, it has slipped to a disgraceful 2nd place. All according to Mattamy cult leader, JD Power.   Hard to stay on top when you’re screwing the homeowner I guess.

What I find interesting is when you talk to former executives and workers of Mattamy Homes.  Now, some will say that all you will get is crap from disgruntled and non-professional has-beens in the trade or those who can’t put together two pieces of wood to make a cross.  Well, I am sure some of the ex-Mattamy employees weren’t up to snuff but I can tell you, there are a lot more who are and continue in the trade with some respect.

I talked to one home inspector and I can tell you, I’m glad he left Mattamy Homes and took on a honourable profession.  His work ethic wouldn’t allow him to do what Mattamy asked.

A visit to the forums will also show what some people feel about the Mattamy work ethic.  Remember my Bully Boy blog… yes, it is in character.

Here’s one quote.

“I have no first hand experience with Mattamy but I’ve heard tons of nightmares about Mattamy homes. I’ve been talking to a lot of contractors recently and they say that Mattamy sucks at paying them and they have to fight for their money after the job is done so now they just do a half ass job to get back at the builder (some of the stories are very disturbing).”

Yes, may not be true but what about this followup by someone else.  It sort of backs up the leaking basement problems, just like mine.

“I work for the main builder of the foundations at halfmoon, everything is slapped together, chainsaws are used to do majority of the cutting, and dont even get me started on the condition of some of the foundations that were built during the winter..”

and from another construction worker:

just saw the title and here’s my 2 cents worth, we deal with them directly for foundations, walls, and g-floors. their floor finishers are SHIT. and their formwork is not that good either. lots off walls had to be redone due to improper vibrating, curing etc.

In closing:

and who to ask about this kind of stuff.  Saw one comment online and it is appropriate:

Ask contractors, your lawyer and inspectors. More knowledgable people than some tard that thinks wood can’t warp

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