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August 27, 2009

Research the Good,Bad and Ugly before buying


For those of us who have bought more than one house, we’ve probably made a few mistakes and hopefully learned from them. For those embarking on their first adventure in house buying, make sure you do the research and don’t buy it because it is pretty and you really have to have it. Pretty is nice but like all of us, the wrinkles will eventually come out. Buy for depth of beauty and make sure you get to enjoy your castle. Unless of course, you’re strictly a speculator and you buy and sell like a crass romeo or lounge lizard.

In doing your research, one good source is in the Saturday Toronto Star. Bob Aaron’s column points out those pitfalls we have all experienced. His August 22nd column gave good advice on insisting that a fireplace inspection be done when purchasing. Even for urban houses. And, maybe on new homes. My Mattamy house had a fireplace and I can tell you, the wind coming through the ventilator could have sent me back to Kansas.

You know I have pushed for a house inspector based on my Mattamy experience. When having a home inspected, Aaron recommended you either hire a WETT qualified inspector or a house inspector with WETT credentials. A WETT qualification ensures your inspector is trained in the inspection of wood burning systems in Canada. I believe the equivalent in the United States is the Chimney Safety Institute of America.

Another good source of local information are blogs/websites with forums set up in various areas.  These might focus on a particular geographic area or builder.  You can read about the good, bad and ugly and hopefully steer clear of those problems even large builders like Mattamyhave suffered.  One good blog in the Milton/Halton area is Hawthorne Village.

Do the research and yes, you may get a lemon, like some Mattamy owners but, you can reduce the problems and hopefully gain enough information to ensure you can face the inevitable problems we have all faced. 

Better to be forewarned.

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