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August 21, 2009

Does Mattamy Homes discriminate???


Some feel that my blog is too negative towards Mattamy but, considering how they have treated not only myself but others, it is hard to be kind.

Here is one link though that shows what Mattamy is capable of – just trying to figure out how to motivate them to this unbelievable height.

If you go to “Cool Ravings” you see that Mattamy did the following for a homeowner:

What Mattamy has done post move in is this:

  • Rebuilt or cultured stone fireplace. (it was too big)
  • Re-shingled our roof. (wrong colour)
  • Re-painted our interior (poor paint job)
  • Installed missing coach lights outside.
  • Added missing brick over window and door on front of house. (They had flashing in place)
  • Re installed our hardwood flooring in main hall and re installed the ceramic tile in garage to powder room areas.
  • Turned our French doors around in our office/den because they opened into the dining room rather than the office as per the plan.  This also meant that the transition on the floor needed to be changed going from hardwood to carpet.  So they’re putting in a granite threshold for us.
  • Plus a multiple of patch/fixes throughout the house that are almost all taken care of.

Myself, I’d love to tell you how my case was treated but can’t due to the GAG ORDER.  You’ll note, if you visit their blog, that they feel that the trades are to blame for the problems and that Mattamy has been good to them.  This, I am glad to see.  But it raises the question:  if they can do good for this homeowner, what happened to the rest of us?  I know in my case, they broke the law, so they won’t be too forthcoming with corrective work based on what their lawyers have probably told them.

But what about those I have had comments from?  Why not them?

In my Bully Boy Blog, two homeowners are obviously being shafted royally, which you can read from the comment section.  One with window problems (hey, I understand you there on that) and another on water stain problems.  It appears, from the comments that Mattamy is squealing like a pig and trying to slide under the responsibility fence concerning these problems. 

So, why would these two people be discriminated against in terms of good service in comparision to Cool Ravings.  What’s the secret??

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