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August 12, 2009

SPECIAL EDITION – Ottawa doesn’t like Mattamy


For those reading this blog, you’ll already know that Mattamy and Ottawa aren’t exactly on good terms.  What with doing the illegal landfill and trying to sell homes without a permit, Mattamy (and their local lobbyists – some former Ottawa employees) have developed a reputation for just doing what they want.  Just like old Oakville habits of doing illegal (code) wiring.

Well, according to the recently released JD Power report, reported in the Ottawa Business Journal, Mattamy fell off their pedestal in terms of customer satisfaction.

“Given the challenging market conditions, some builders have had to make some very tough decisions regarding their staffing models, and service levels may have suffered as a result,” said Marc Thibault, a real estate practice leader at the Canadian office of J.D. Power and Associates, in a statement.

“Some of the service levels that homeowners may have been promised or have come to expect from earlier experiences with the builder are not being realized.”

It seems though, that last years top runner couldn’t keep up with the other guys in the “challenging market conditions“.  Mattamy isn’t even listed in the Ottawa Business Journal report except to point out they fell from a height of 807 last year to not even mentioned.  Looking at the chart, they seem to be in last place or at least tied for last place.  For the full report, go to JD Power. (NOTE:  In the JD Power report, except for Monarch, rest of list is alphabetical, not in order of customer satisfaction)

In order of Customer Satisfaction, according to JD Power:

Monarch:           665

Urbandale          652

Minto                    650

I feel sorry for those that had to experience the lack of service but appreciate their opportunity to tell the REAL story about Mattamy.

From their experience, I hope people will now realize why we recommend a house  inspector – even the top boys can’t get it right.

EDIT:  Tanya H, over in the Hawthorne Villager forum informed me that perennial favourite Mattamy gleaned 2nd place in the GTA, behind BrookfieldTribute Communities came in third.  Go to this JD Power link for more on the GTA.  The title?  Hardly surprising: J.D. Power and Associates Reports: New-Homeowner Satisfaction in the Greater Toronto Area Declines Considerably.  Who’d have thought??


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