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July 29, 2009

Halton vs Mattamy – press now talking


Well, the real press are talking.  The Toronto Star gets too much advertising from Mattamy to do a real investigative reporter style of article.

My kudos to Joan Little, who wrote an opinion for the Hamilton Spectator.  If you wish to read the whole article (very worthwhile) go to this link.  I feel that she really hit it on the head in describing the battle between Halton Council and the developers.  And, it kind of explains the “it’s on the street” we are hearing about Ann Mulvale being called back into harness as the next Mayor of Oakville.  The developers need her badly

Come 2010 and the Municipal elections it will be a battle between  the responsible taxpayers and the developers/speculators in Halton to see who wins.  Do you want your taxes to pay for speculators and developers to make their millions (sorry, Billions when it comes to Mattamy and Peter Gilgan) or, do you want to maintain your lifestyle as it is, paying taxes that are reasonable and affordable?  Does Gilgan even live in Halton after his divorce and sale of his $45-35 milliion house? 

Look at what Little had to say: the province paid for the development costs in Peel, York and Durham and that is why their costs are so much lower.  We in Halton have paid the price in our own taxes – and remember, most of the taxes in Oakville and Burlington paid for the growth in Milton. (don’t worry Milton, we still love you – especially your Historical Society and the Farm Museum)

Remember too, the “orchestrated lobbying campaign” by Mattamy cost them a small fortune (well, a fortune in my book but I guess to Billionaire Gilgan – pocket change) and they are screaming that they can’t afford to build in Halton.  Yes, the province subsidized their growth in Peel, York and Durham but the taxpayer in Halton finally elected some officials that said enough is enough.  Why not take your plethora of VOLUNTOLDS to Queen’s Park and bitch for a change Mattamy

Little brought up the fact that the election year will spawn small tax increases in Halton.  Hey, politics are politics.  I mean, Mulvale got Mattamy to give donations to various projects (and some are very worthwhile) and at the same time, Mattamy got to sell homes without electricity and with illegal (code) wiring that put children’s lives at risk. 

Hey, I’ll take the small tax increase in this election year and I’d love the Town of Oakville to support me in allowing me to hire a house inspector when buying a new house (Mattamy, or otherwise).  But, a word of advice to the politicians.  Don’t make the tax increase too small as I don’t want the mother of all tax increases the next year.  Let’s spread the hurt over a few years but, at least make those who are costing us the most pay their share. 

That means you Mattamy et all.

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