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July 20, 2009

Mattamy should thank all those who bought a house for helping pay for demonstrations



As I mentioned, after the Mattamy “Dog & Pony” show, Halton Region Council voted in the recommended Development Charges but, allowed a 30 day review period to let developers come in with another plan that would not impact on the taxpayer, yet spread the Development Charges more fairly around the industry. In the Burlington Post article about this, I noted that Mattamy bused in 650 PAID VOLUNTOLD workers to show support for the developers. They certainly overwhelmed the show of support by UNPAID VOLUNTARY homeowners/taxpayers. But I do believe that most of the politicians could separate the type of support they were looking at.


What I find interesting is that here we have a developer who is screaming how tight it is to make a living selling homes in Halton and, is considering not building at all if faced with higher Development Charges. The Iron Fist approach but I think it is a bit rusty. They have changed their tune a little, now that they note that the Halton Taxpayer and potential homebuyer are not supporting them. We kind of look at it as we can pay the Development Charges now or pay in our future taxes – either way we won’t become Billonaires but at least we don’t have to keep paying and paying and paying for development if Halton Council has its way.


Let’s look at some figures. If you put an average wage of $20/worker (I am probably low) and say they worked an 8 hour day at the meeting and a couple of hours travelling to make a 10 hour day, each worker made $200 to listen to some political posturing. So, the 650 workers cost Mattamy $130,000!!!! That was for the July 15th meeting. Maybe about half that showed up for the previous Wednesday meeting and were there for let’s say 5 hours total. That day cost Mattamy a measily $25,000. Total estimated cost was $155,000 PLUS the cost of renting buses.


Here is a company that once told me it had to charge me $200 not to put a banister in the bedroom. They would save labour, material and the carpet guy would find it quicker to install the carpet but, this cost saving to Mattamy would cost me $200. After some discussion, in which I said I would remove said banister prior to the carpet guy arriving, made them rethink the charge to me.  I want to declare that I actually got a freebee from Mattamy.


So, for you people out there with faulty basements in Bracebridge, no permit in Ottawa and the House from Hell in Jacksonville, Florida, you now know where Mattamy spends the hard earned money you are paying for a house that should come with a mandatory House Inspector. Billionaire Gilgan spends your money on demonstrations or donations. I mean, if his “Dog & Pony” show had any substance, why would he need a plethora of PAID VOLUNTOLDS to prove his point? High priced help and paid supporters aren’t too good an example for a good corporate citizen trying to eventually foist development costs onto the taxpayer. Yes, I know, they had changed their ads to reflect new homeowners and not homeowners (existing taxpayer) but they still have 30 days to weasel something out of Halton through political pressure, donations, Pomeroy utilizing his influence as a consultant/lobbyist or, a plague of VOLUNTOLDS descending onto Halton Council in biblical proportions.


I have more respect for those VOLUNTEERS who came on THEIR OWN TIME to put forward their views on the Development Charges. I think they have more credibility in the arguments. At least they are up front – they want to save on taxes and make those causing the cost to pay. Can you really argue against that? Well, Mattamy is willing to spend your purchase price money trying to.

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  2. I have found so many little issues in our Mattamy home. On their own, it’s trivial, but added up, the sum is just stupid. From suspected insulation issues around the living room bay window, master bedroom overhang, and garage, to hot air that just won’t reach the farthest room in the house (the master washroom) that results in a freezing master, to odd air flow where the upstairs can’t be cooled in summer. Wicked condensation in winter on ALL windows in the house that can pool and lead to mould if not kept up on. The carpet is just disgusting- the little living room carpet was made from two pieces!!!! The seam is very obvious. The pile is so flat and pulling up at the same time. The mortar in the bricks is like sand in some isolated areas. Caulking is already deteriortating and the house isn’t even 10 years old! The casement windows are a bitch to open and close and are already showing signs of falling apart. The spalling (spalling???) cement along the parimeter of the porch has all but crumbled away. I just had to replace the sump pump that comes on maybe 6 times a year. The yard landscaping is like a lumpy field of little hills.

    All and all, I would never buy a Mattamy (or Devonleigh) or possibly other cooky cutter home from a large developer again. I really think basic workmanship is pissed away for speed. And it’s funny because this is the LARGEST purchase a person will make in their lives, and we have NO real way to get these mistakes corrected.

    One person in our community had the wrong bricks and colour put up. Mattamy offered them something like 10000 in upgrades, but refused to let them out of the contract for the house, or correct the bricks. And really, that’s BS because of how much money we pay for homes. I give someone $350000, and I expect what I pay for.

    But home consumers have zero rights in Canada.

    Comment by patrickivan — March 8, 2013 @ 6:16 pm | Reply

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