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July 17, 2009

30 days and counting – what’s in your plans Mattamy?


Well, it appears that the “Dog & Pony” show staged by Mattamy with the hoards of well mannered VOLUNTOLDS worked.  I received some information from Paul Langan that he presented support for Development Charges at Waterloo,  and saw them postponing their charges due to the Mattamy whine factory presentation – the same that was endured by Halton Council.  

According to Mattamy and Halton Region Chair Carr, although the recommendations went through, there is a 30 day period where input will be received and adjustments possibly made to the recommendations.  If they want to spread the Development Charges across all of Halton between all developers, no problem here on that.  I notice though, that the high-rise boys aren’t in agreement with the low-rise developers and it will be interesting to see how the mechanics work out there.

The following is quoted from Peter Gilgan: “We are pleased that the Halton Regional Council unanimously voted today to amend their motion and as requested, invite discussion and consultation over the next two months on the $8,000 tax increase on new homeowners.”

What I find so interesting was that Mattamy was upset that they hadn’t really had a chance at some input in order to make changes during the original process. 

Much like our complaint that they boosted the price of the home by $5,000 in one week without any input from us. 

I can understand them being upset, although the Region is showing more understanding than Mattamy did with us.  We didn’t get 30 days to argue the increase.  Oh, I forgot, their sales people were buying the houses and making an unnatural demand on the supply.  Oh well, Billionaire Gilgan didn’t get his wealth by following the rules on all occasions (illegal wiring, illegal dumping, etc, ad infinitum).

And for those who feel a house inspector is a waste of time.  I just had my basement repaired for leaking form ties.  Yes, when the house was built, they took the rods out of the holes in the foundation where the forms are held.  And, instead of filling the holes, they just put a patch over the holes.  Ugly patches to boot and not even smoothed.  Well, over time the old patches have started to leak (pinhole) and now, at great cost to me, I have to have each one filled to prevent further leaks.  Yeah, good old Mattamy quality.  Start checking your walls out there – it’s going to be costly.  Who’s in your wallet today??

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