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July 15, 2009

Mattamy Homes on the ropes at Council Meeting


Well, I have just gotten back from the Halton Region Council meeting.  I wish I could have stayed longer, along with the paid voluntold Mattamy supporters.

When I arrived council chambers was closed and had to go to the auditorium, where a live feed was presented.  Prior to entering, I took the opportunity to pass out information sheets.  Those who accepted them, many of whom were Mattamy employees, gave me no feedback but, I must admit, the Mattamy employees were very responsible and accepted the sheets without argument.  My hats off to them for reading the other side of the story – and being civil about the whole thing.

The agenda was packed with those that wanted to ensure construction continued in Halton, although Mattamy still had that air about itself that if it didn’t get what it wanted, it would close up shop – scare tactics on the worker.

VP Gregoris was to speak for Mattamy but Dave Stewart got up to the plate and gave an emotional speech about the campaign and how embarassed he was.  Rightfully so.  But, he did bring up one good point – the development charges should be spread out around the Region, not focused in two areas.  Well, I can agree to that, especially if it means the taxpayer doesn’t get hit.

But, they also said they would pay the fees up front and wanted the final decision delayed until they were worked out and then a finalized bill submitted.  I can see that but, having dealt with Mattamy I’m not sure if you can take that to the  bank.  Those in Ottawa and Bracebridge would view this with a jaundiced eye.  Mayor Burton I think, didn’t trust it either and wanted them to acknowledge their previous statements and that they had changed.  Stewart finally went silent and pleaded the 5th so to speak – asked not to answer a question and turned his back.  My kudos to Burton for having some of the Mattamy tactics brought into public.  For a company facing financial melt-down (according to them), they certainly found the money to pay workers and bus them to another meeting.  Hey, just up the upgrade prices and it happens.

Since I was in the back 40 and couldn’t get into the council chamber and put forward my support, I left just before the lunch break, so will have to visit halton.ca to find out the final vote.   We’ll see if the Mattamy donations have the expected benefit.

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  1. Understanding the aspects of the debate, however i would like to express my concern with your constant promotion of a “Home Inspector”……why should anyone bear the cost of this useless venture for new home construction when the homebuyer is to be covered by a municipality/city thru a process of inspections….which is paid for thru taxes! Perhaps opening a new can of worms….are the inspections happening and at what level of skill are those performing them?

    As far as the builder “cheaping out” or cutting corners..give em an inch!!

    Comment by Anonymous — July 20, 2009 @ 2:38 pm | Reply

  2. Unless you are aware of all aspects of home construction, then the hiring of a professional (as in a lawyer and real estate agent) house inspector will protect your investment by insuring that the hosue is built properly. As I have shown in my blog, relying on such municipalities as the Town of Oakville does not protect you – i.e. illegal wiring, etc. For a variety of reasons, the inspectors will not really spend that much time on your house or may overlook something. A qualified and accountable house inspector will give you value way beyond the cost. In regards to skills, the industry is only just setting standards and, like anything, you have to research the person you are hiring, just as you research your builder. and your right about “give em an inch”

    Comment by L N — July 21, 2009 @ 12:40 am | Reply

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