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July 14, 2009

Halton Development Charges – the facts not rumour


For those who have read this blog, you will know that Mattamy Homes has been less than honest on various occasions.  From illegal (code) wiring; to flooding basements in Bracebridge; illegal dumping in Ottawa; pre-mature construction in Milton on land covered in human waste; and, other issues that are documented.  In this latest battle, Billionaire Gilgan has tried to use scare tactics to make people believe his company will not be able to build within Halton if builders/developers are required to pay their fair share of infrastructure costs, a cost usually paid by the new homeowner.  My focus has been on the hiring of house inspectors to allow you to protect yourself and your investment on new homes, so I am not really against new construction but, I must admit that new construction should pay its own way.  One other point – do you notice no other builders seem to be arguing this point in public like Mattamy.  Why is that?

I am attaching a letter from Regional Chair Gary Carr  (colinbest.ca) that outlines the true costs.  If you want fair taxes, support his issue.  At the end of his letter, I will post the future cost of development in Halton, as given to me by a reader and is part of the Burlington website.  These expenses are either partially covered by Development Charges or your taxes.  Take your pick – have those wanting a house pay or, you pay yourself.  And remember, if you’re a taxpayer, you’ve already paid your Development Charges.  I guess Billionaire Gilgan would rather you pay than him.

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Hi bremer and other posters

The 2009 Development charges by-law that will be debated on Wednesday is actually a $1604 or 4% decrease from the 2008 development charge rate for a single family detached house.

Unfortunately one area not mentioned in this debate is that construction costs have been going up at about +6% per year while the inflation rate is between 2-3% resulting in huge increases in costs between the time projects are estimated in budgets and the final construction costs.

The majority of the development charge costs are for expansion to water and waste water pipes and treatment facilities and road improvements such as Britannia road, Tremaine road and Highway #25 widening to 4 lanes to serve new urban areas which are major factors in this development charge and the costs are only increasing.

The Mid-Halton waste water plant advisory committee which I serve on which is to be expanded to serve the Oakville area north of Dundas St. and the new Milton Boyne survey for over a 100,000 people over the next 10 years has seen cost estimates go up from the initial $ 100 million to now $ 160 millon and possibly even more to construct the addition and extend a pipeline into Lake Ontario to meet the Clean Water Act guidelines.

Regional staff have reduced costs where possible and delayed projects that are not deemed necessary due to the current construction slow down.

I will update this post after the meeting which starts at 9.30 am this Wednesday July 15th and is carried live on halton.ca webcast.

Colin Best
Local & regional councillor

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TRUE COST OF FUTURE DEVELOPMENT (City of Burlington Website)

Halton Growth Brings Laundry List Of Problems


Hamilton Spectator
February 21, 2007


  • 1,100 hospital beds
  • 50 new elementary schools
  • 14 new high schools
  • 22 fire halls
  • 4 ambulance stations
  • 6 police stations
  • 25 community centres
  • 8 libraries
  • 1,650 acres of parkland
  • 11 local transit facilities
  • 175 buses
  • 2,000 kilometres new roads

Problems now:

  • Highways and roads getting congested
  • Hospital emergency rooms can’t fill demand
  • Children bused to school outside their neighbourhoods
  • Children spending elementary years in portables
  • Neighbourhood community centres lacking

Money required:

  • $300 million now just to catch up
  • $4.8 billion for municipal infrastructure
  • $3.8 billion for provincial infrastructure

Money problems now:

  • New development costs taxpayers $32 million a year
  • Halton gets $200 less per capita for social services
  • Halton must give $40 million a year to offset Toronto’s social service costs

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