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July 13, 2009

D Day is coming – Mark your calandar for July 15th


For those living in Halton Region, July 15th is D Day (Development Charge Day). Will we see the hoards of paid and bused Mattamy workers storm the Halton Region Council as they did last week or, will we see the Halton Taxpayer protected from increased taxation to support Billionaire Welfare?

If you want the protection, make sure you send a supportive email to Regional Chair Gary Carr. (gary.carr@halton.ca)   I know, unlike the paid Mattamy workers, you are probably unable to take time off work and attend the meeting in person, but a supportive email will go a long way to show Council they are not alone in stopping the taxpayer being raped by excessive taxes due to developer growth.

I can’t understand how Mattamy et al can justify taking workers off the job site, thus delaying construction, when they are supposed to be fully involved in building a house someone paid for. You didn’t pay to bus workers to various political meetings when you bought the Mattamy home. The extra money for upgrades was for upgrades, not buses.  And, these new development charges won’t affect you.

If you go to this link (Halton Development Charges) you can read a brochure that explains why we need these development charges to ensure we do not face a 6.1% increase on taxes and 6.1% increase on water rates. Halton taxpayers are already paying for the water pipeline to Milton, which allowed developers to make their profits. Why stick us for more?  This other brochure breaks down the Development Charges

I myself think my time is worth 6.1% of my tax bill to send an email to Gary Carr. Cheaper than hiring a bus to take us all up there and, we’re not using someone else’s money to do it, like the developers. Oh, you say they paid for it. Well, yes, it comes from their profit but, instead of hiring buses; lower the price of the home to accommodate the new development charges. Oh wait, the buses, etc are probably all tax deductible.

If you can attend, show up and let them know how you feel. Just think, you might meet a worker who could do some work on the side for you for cash and you’ll save money. Seems they have plenty of free time to attend political meetings.

And remember, no matter what happens here, since you now see that the workers aren’t always focused on the job at hand, you can see why I recommend the hiring of a house inspector.  Considering your builder is spending some of your house sale monies on buses, you might want to ensure the house was built properly.

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