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July 10, 2009

Mattamy Homes – we agree with Mr. Gilgan


Yes, Mr. Peter Gilgan, owner, CEO and grand Pooh-Ba of Mattamy Homes and I finally agree on something.

Mayor Rob Burton of Oakville (yes, the Town that allows illegal(code) wiring) stated, in response to Mattamy’s arguments about the high cost of Development Charges: “The simple explanation — it’s absolutely true — is Oakville has higher standards,” said Burton.”

Well, Gilgan has decided to get involved in this little battle going on in a small part of his empire (the empire in which he has donated money to politicians and certain projects) and has threatened to take his ball home.

In one of the Mattamy e-mails noted in the Burlington Post, his company has stated: ” it might reconsider building houses in some communities if Halton Region doesn’t drop a proposed $8,000 hike outlined in an infrastructure financing plan that regional council endorsed in November, and which will be going to council Wednesday (July 15) for final approval.” 

Well, I agree Mr. Gilgan and, I give you a list that shows why we and maybe the rest of Halton would agree for you to build elsewhere. (and, please correct me if I am wrong)

1: Your company sold a homeowner a house without electrical power.

2: Mattamy was able to put through a sale using illegal (code) wiring that put children’s lives at risk.

3: Mattamy Homes was able to get a Town of Oakville building inspector to pass the illegally wired furnace in order to allow the sale. 

4: You began construction on land in the Milton area that had been fertilized with human waste, putting nearby residents and construction workers at risk.

5: You were guilty of illegal dumping in an environmentally sensitive area of Ottawa.

6: You sold houses to people knowing you did not have the necessary permits to allow you to build said houses.

7: In Bracebridge you sold houses with leaky basements and were slow to respond to complaints. (unknown if you have even responded)

8: In Ottawa, you put in a sub-division with roads that are accused of causing damage to cars.  Maybe Ottawa should have got more for Development Charges so they could fix these roads.  Also, shoddy construction of homes is readily available on youtube.

9: A number of complaints in Florida about substandard construction

10: Suspicious methodology in getting positive JD Power surveys.

11: To stop protesting at Mattamy sites, protesters have been approached by bully boys.

I could go on but I guess you get the drift.  We’re calling your bluff and for us, it is a win/win situation.  Like you did in Arizona and Florida, buying up land from other developers who couldn’t carry on, your holdings here can be bought by other builders – maybe builders who care a bit more about the consumer.  As a taxpayer, I want the council to stick to their guns.  Maybe the money you’re using on this email campaign could be put to better use by helping those who bought your homes and need fixes done. 

Yes, Peter, I agree…. move on, Billionaire welfare just doesn’t cut it anymore.  If you are going to the meeting on July 15th, maybe we’ll see each other.  I’ll be the guy handing out Mattamy information brochures to the public informing them of past misdeeds so they will have a better understanding of the issues and how to protect themselves with a house inspector.  I’ll save you a copy.

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  1. […] post: Mattamy Homes – we agree with Mr. Gilgan Categories: Development Tags: compressed-timeframe, develop-as-well, develop-new, Development, […]

    Pingback by Mattamy Homes - we agree with Mr. Gilgan | UK Web Designer — July 10, 2009 @ 11:48 am | Reply

  2. Halton Administration Finance Committee Votes 4 to 4

    Milton Mayor Krantz Backs Mattamy not Finance Committee

    Wednesday July 15.2009 at 9:30 A.M. HIGHWAY 25 Q.E.W.
    REGIONAL Citizen’s’s ALERT Call to Action

    Your Taxes could increase by 1???????????? %=$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    Regional Council will Vote on this motion.


    Mattamy Corporation, packed the Region’s council chambers Wednesday to protest a Regional staff recommendation to add an extra $8,000 per unit charge to residential developers in north Oakville and Milton.


    “Mexican Stand off according to Krantz”

    “Krantz insults Mexican Milton residents by his comments on tape”.

    Comment by Milton will Vote Krantz Out in 2010 — July 11, 2009 @ 9:08 am | Reply

  3. Does anyone have anything to say about the QUIETSIDE boilers Mattamy used in our houses TO HEAT OUR HOMES.
    The boilers which were not supposed to be in many of these house. Heating system which was included in the price of the home turns out was not, you have to pay for it your self.
    System that can not do the job.
    A system which takes 5 or more hours to bring your tampareture up and then you still have to use an electrical heater next to you or a good and thick blanket to keep you worm.
    I wanted to replace it with somthing more functional it can not be done because of the way they installed this thing.
    It would cost way too much.
    I am so mad that I want MATTAMY to refund all my money then I can start bringing it all to code. IS THER ANY WAY TO SUE THEM if you are not a millioner.

    Comment by Dani — March 6, 2010 @ 10:49 am | Reply

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