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June 27, 2009

Mattamy Homes – my how big your nose is getting…


Pinocchio has nothing on Mattamy Homes when it comes to growing a nose.  As you will note in my June 24th blog, I received an email from Peter Gilgan asking for support to stop the increase in development fees in Halton Region.  He has even asked you and I to send multiple emails to our elected representatives stating what a hardship this would be on us. 

Here is a copy of part of that email:  “Instead of stepping in, as some southern Ontario municipalities are doing, and freezing or reducing these fees, Halton Regional Council will vote July 15th on a proposal to raise them a further $8,000 per lot.”

One would take from this that the development fees would increase the cost of a home by at least $8,000 and would either cost the homeowner more or reduce the profit margin of Mattamy Homes.  In his email, it was directed towards those buying homes, not industrial lots.  Either way, Gilgan wanted you to complain and support the billionaire welfare scheme where the existing taxpayers pay for all the new services his company will demand for new homes.  Myself, I sent in an email asking for the development costs not to be reduced.

Well, it seems my recommendation not to drop them won’t happen but, Peter Gilgan, in his email, led everyone astray with false facts. 

Here is what I have received from a reliable source (Colin Best,Local & regional councillor,Milton/Halton ):

Thanks for your email and concern about the region’s future.  
I am forwarding the report of the staff recommendation of the $1604 reducation in DC charge for residential properties.
The $ 8000 increase refers to non-residential properties and not new homes to help fund needed infrastructure such as roads, water and wastewater facilities and other regional services that the existing taxpayer would have to subsidize.
SDE means single detached equivalent or one house with 3-4 bedrooms.

 So, it would seem that Peter Gilgan is trying to get people all worked up about an increase that is not happening and that the staff recommendation is an actual decrease for homeowners.

Now, here is a man you are trusting with the building of one of the largest investments in your life and a company that won’t support you hiring a house inspector to protect your investment.  A company that can’t even get its facts straight.  No wonder they got caught selling homes in Ottawa without a permit and for illegal landfilling. 

Scare mongering and long noses.  Look out Pinocchio, you might get hit with this big hooter.

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  1. Milton Economic Development Advisory Committee
    Presentation by: Paul Scherer, MEDAC Co-Chair
    The Milton Economic Development Advisory Committee (MEDAC) was established by
    Milton Council in order to get strategic advice from the business community on
    economic development issues within the Town of Milton. MEDAC is currently
    comprised of 19 members from a broad spectrum of industries, including
    manufacturing, financial institutions, real estate, entertainment, small business and the
    Milton Chamber of Commerce, as well as staff and Council representation. MEDAC
    has experience and knowledge within the Milton and GTA markets and understands
    the impact of economic shocks to our local economies. Members include:
    Peter Pomeroy Appleking Norval Inc.
    Neil Palmer ARG Group
    Ken Nevar Cooper Construction Limited
    Colin Best Councillor, Town of Milton
    Paul Scherer Councillor, Town of Milton
    Husain Neemuchwala EDge Interactive
    Marina Huisson Green Propeller Design
    George Takaki Kwik Kopy Printing
    Sandy Martin Milton Chamber of Commerce
    Paul Boivin MutualMed Inc.
    Michael Hanna O.R.E Development
    Ian Marley Sheridan Institute of Technology
    Tom Logan The Centre for Skills Development
    Grahame Rice Total Developments International
    Robert Careless Woodbine Entertainment Group

    Comment by Reporter — July 12, 2009 @ 6:52 pm | Reply

  2. Many Thanks to:

    – The 378 participants who participated in the 2007 event and who worked tirelessly to raise funds that were donated to The Children’s Wish Foundation!

    – The many Mattamy business partners (listed below) that supported this event with their corporate sponsorships. Without your donations we would not have been able to reach this year’s goal!

    – The venue Club 54 in Burlington

    – Personal Service Coffee of Oakville, for the donation of coffee and refreshments and for volunteering and supporting the Poker Run for eight years!

    – The many volunteers that committed their time to the Poker Run. We could not have had a successful day without you!

    On behalf of the Mattamy Homes Motorcycle Poker Run Committee, The Children’s Wish Foundation and especially from the children whose wishes will be granted, Mattamy wishes to sincerely thank each and every one of you for your time and dedication.

    Apple King Norval Inc. Peter Pomeroy

    Comment by Reporter — July 12, 2009 @ 7:00 pm | Reply

  3. OLD politicians may leave office, but they don’t necessarily go away.

    Not when there are lucrative Jobs around and board appointments available. Do the research for yourself.
    Pomeroy is part of the old boy’s net in Halton and Milton
    Mayor Krantz just loves the Norval boy why?
    Simple pay back time.Town of Milton has become Mattamy centre.TAXES=$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.
    Pomeroy has been in the news over the last few months.
    So called friends of the Milton Hospital.
    If Pomeroy is pushing and working for Mattamy lets ask Mr.Pomeroy for the funding for a new Hospital in Oakville also.

    The Halton Old Boy’s Club will be over in 2010.

    Write ****Chris Bentley Attorney General of Ontario.Whitney Block, Room 4620, 99 Wellesley St. W., Toronto, Ontario M7A 1A1, 416-325-3777. Requesting a Government Investigation into Halton Developers and Muncipial Councillors accepting contributions for Elections and other local stuff.
    It is time for change.
    The public must push the panic button for help.
    Ask The Ontario Government for Help.

    Comment by Reporter — July 12, 2009 @ 10:09 pm | Reply

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