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June 10, 2009

Shame that nice people of Milton might experience the Mattamy shaft.


I attended the Downtown Milton Street Festival on June 6th in the evening and had a great time. Good music and a nice variety of vendors and open stores. I, of course, parked my vehicle and walked to the festival, forgoing the free Mattamy sponsored bus ride.

Mattamy will play up their community service but, for a company that does illegal (code) wiring, illegal landfill dumping and a plethora of other misdeeds, I think the free bus service is just a political sop for the local politicians. Remember, it was in Milton that Mattamy began construction on land fertilized with human waste, contrary to regulations.

Anyways, I was pleased to see that people accepted my handout and while walking back along the street, I didn’t see any on the ground. Either the people were reading them or, at least thinking Green and putting them in a garbage bin. I thank those that did either.

Here is a copy of what I handed out..




It’s always nice when you get something free from someone but, do you really think it is free – without a cost somewhere?  For example, those taking the free bus that was supplied by Mattamy Homes.  Do you think the Town of Milton is really getting it for free?


Here we have a builder that was stopped by the Province for starting construction on land fertilized by human waste in the Milton area.  What else has Mattamy Homes been guilty of?


FACT:      Mattamy Homes sold a residence to a homeowner without electrical power.


FACT:      Mattamy Homes connected the homeowner’s furnace illegally (code) to the home next door (indoor wire strung under joints, through a hole in basement wall, across outside pedestrian walkway and through another hole in basement wall next door)


FACT:      Mattamy Homes sold a house that had no insulation in the front bay window, plus it had missed caulking in places.


FACT:      When notified, the Town of Oakville did an investigation, a copy of which the homeowner did not receive.  When pressed, the Town of Oakville Council, under former Mayor Mulvale, claimed they could not proceed on complaint and shifted it to the Province.  When the Province denied any responsibility, the Town of Oakville refused to have the case reopened and still does.


FACT:      Neither Mattamy Homes nor the building inspector appears to have had any notification of wrongdoing, although the former Director of Building Services, David Humm, is on record that he would not recommend occupancy under these conditions.


FACT:      Former Mayor Anne Mulvale was actively pursuing Mattamy Homes for funding regarding an admirable project, while the complaint was being investigated.




If you have any information concerning undue influence or wish more information please contact Oakville_homes@hotmail.com or visit www.oakvillehomes.wordpress.com



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