Oakville Homes

May 21, 2009

Mattamy admits to environmental crime……


Well folks, although you read it here first (March 19th), the mainstream press is finally reporting that Mattamy plead guilty to environmental crimes. In an article printed by the Ottawa Business Journal, it is reported that Mattamy Homes plead guilty “in provincial offences court on March 5 to violating the Conservation Authorities Act when it constructed a 400-by-25-metre berm”.

“We encourage property owners and contractors to get in touch with our office prior to any near-shore or in-water work to ensure that all issues related to the flood plain, habitat protection and sustainable development are considered,” said regulations officer Shelley Macpherson in a statement”

Well, Mattamy has a habit of not getting in touch, except  with legal threats and bully boys.  They started construction in Milton on land fertilized with human waste and began construction in the Ottawa area without permits.  Out of touch or just arrogant???  They even get inspectors to pass illegally wired furnaces.  Now that is power…

Nice to see that the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority saw what happened and proceeded to correct the problem and bring Mattamy to justice.   Something the Town of Oakville could learn from, right Ann and Rob.

The Toronto Star, I don’t think has made this public but, Mattamy is a large advertiser.  I guess advertising supersedes news in this paper.  (for more see this link )  Kudos to the Ottawa Business Journal for notifying the public of the results of the charges and to the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority for being vigilant.

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