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May 18, 2009

Donations – what is the real cost to taxpayers??


With the Dhalla/Nanny, Mulroney/Schreiber, and Tamil traffic blocking in Toronto all taking the front page of the local newspapers, a story on developers influencing local politicians won’t make much of an impact. 

Shame, considering the other three topics will have less of an impact on your life, environment and finances than the latter.  But, I must give kudos to the Toronto Star(unlike my last blog) for giving ink to an article by Steve Parish, Mayor of Ajax.  Entitled, “Sprawl a slam dunk for developers”, he discusses how local municipalities are going contrary to provincial land development policies that attack urban sprawl.  He brings forward that Roehampton Farms (primary owner of land being considered for development in Pickering) spent $45,000 in election contributions in the Durham Region and that the local politicians are pro-development when you consider their actions.

Now, anyone who has experienced the developer growth in Oakville will understand the dynamics of this perfectly.  Consider that Mattamy (who, by the way I understand is laying off people in the Milton area) has been quite open with donations to the Town of Oakville.  This was very blatant when Mayor Ann Mulvale was in power and it seems these donations continue under the present stewardship of Rob Burton.  Now, I can understand that the recipients of these donations are very grateful and that the local politicians would be very grateful for being involved in this public largess.  Unfortunately, what happens when there is a complaint about Mattamy Homes?  I know my complaint ended up in the trash bin, even though there was concrete proof of the installing of illegal (code) wiring that allowed an illegal sale. 

So, for those who are the recipients of these donations and gifts, maybe you should be looking this gift horse in the mouth.  There are those of us who are being shafted by the very company making these donations and it seems that the powers invested in local government to stop these transgressions isn’t being implemented.  At least Mayor Steve Parish sees it in the right light.  Too bad Oakville didn’t.

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