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May 13, 2009

Regarding Mattamy Homes, Toronto Star – just whose side are you on??


Some have wondered why I mention the Toronto Star in my posts.  Well, one reason is to give credit to those articles appearing in the newspaper.  I read the Star daily -I must admit I do take flak for reading it, because I felt it gave a more balanced viewpoint.  You’ll notice I said “felt”, as in past tense.  I was lucky to be picked to go on the Community Editorial Board once and I not only met a lot of very interesting and concerned people – board members and Star employees, but learned a bit about the industry.

Although they have done some very insightful pieces that have been of value to some who get no voice and need help (recent Nanny articles), I do feel they are very selective.  I mean, they have information that Ford made F150’s with a built in fault but did nothing to notify the consumer of this rip-off.  As well, I notice they don’t report on incidents that involve Mattamy in a negative light – pleading guilty to illegal dumping in Ottawa, poor construction in Bracebridge, etc.  But, they did report a Mattamy employee having trouble on a bus once.  Why it was important that the employee worked for Mattamy still makes me wonder.  It had no bearing on the matter, except to give a free plug to Mattamy.  And, we all know that Ford and Mattamy are major advertisers.  Coincidence???

I’m going to tell you a story and let you, the reader, decide just how unbiased the Toronto Star is.  I will make no comment and let you come to your own decision.  Suffice to say, for the lawyers, this is all fact and recorded as court documents, just not reported in the press.

Awhile ago, Boris Spremoe, a well known and accomplished photographer, worked for the Toronto Star.  His work is known world wide and most would agree that his product can be stunning.  Obviously the work of a dedicated man.  Well, once he got too dedicated and got involved with the police in a media scrum.  As a result, he was charged with assaulting a police officer.  This case, unreported in the Star I believe, went before the courts, unlike recent internal investigations  within the Toronto Police.  In order to prove the charge of assault police, you must prove that the officer was in the lawful performance of his duties.

During the trial, the police sergeant, who had given the order to his officers to control the press at the scene, was shown photographs taken by Mr. Spremoe.  He was asked if he was in the photos and he replied no.  It was then the defence lawyer stated that since he wasn’t in the photos, it was obvious he was not there at the scene of the offence and therefore gave no legal order that would have proven the case.  The sergeant tried to respond and was silenced by the judge.  The Crown did not ask the Sergeant to explain in rebuttal examination and, sat very silent looking at the table and papers.  The case was dismissed as there was no evidence of a lawful order.  The police sergeant’s testimony, according to the defence attorney, was therefore false and thus he was guilty of perjury.

At no time did the judge, defence attorney, Crown or Police Internal Affairs investigate this police sergeant for purjury.  Do you not find this odd?  As well, the Toronto Star, ever the protector of the underdog, did not do an article on this fact, that one of their employees was arrested and charged and that the police sergeant was guilty of perjury in court.  Not even a lawsuit.

Now, if you were investigating this, what would you conclude?

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