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May 11, 2009

Warm fuzzy feelings with Mattamy – the sleepover

More like the “Haunted House on the Hill”, a movie my son was so scared with he refuses to watch it even now (the remake though). In the Saturday, May 9th Toronto Star there was the usual 2 page Mattamy Homes advertising. You notice you never read bad news about Mattamy in the Star. The ad states this is the weekend “to get your family in the SPIRIT”. Well, after dealing with Mattamy on some issues I was more likely to get into the Spirits. 🙂

To try and give everyone that warm fuzzy feeling with good memories, they discuss “The Sleepover“. They talk about you (as in female) sleeping over at a friends and doing all sorts of things together. Ah yes, the perfect childhood, at least for the female audience they are focusing on.  Are they deducing that it is the female of the couple that makes the home buying decision and are preying on her childhood memories to make a sale?

My children’s memories of their first night in the Mattamy Home was more like moving in with the Munsters. I mean, the place had no electrical power and there was a great risk to my children’s lives because of the illegal (code) wiring to the furnace. I might add that this illegal (code) wiring allowed Mattamy to close the sale on the house – kind of a sleight of hand with the Town of Oakville being their accomplice.

I know I’ve told this before but, I really get upset when I see Mattamy trying to make themselves look as they are really concerned about your memories, health and safety. Give you the warm and fuzzy feeling so you will part with your hard earned money and take a chance on them. Yes, take a chance!!! You see, not all get the perfectly built Mattamy Home and not all get the flowers and carrying of groceries to the front door.

My parents reminded me of their first new home, this being in the late 60’s. They were quite surprised that the foreman doing the inspection actually pointed out and listed numerous items for repair. Things they didn’t even notice. Now, he gave a warm and fuzzy feeling. Only problem was he was fired. I guess he gave too much warm and fuzzy to the consumer and cost the company money. Oh well, nice to know that in the past this used to happen. Now, roll the dice and take your chances on having good or bad memories of that first night in a Mattamy Home.

Their closing line in the ad is “We never lose sight of what a home means. it is a place we share with those who mean the most to us.” Hope you’re on their good list so they will share. Obviously some of those in Bracebridge, Florida, Ottawa and Oakville weren’t.


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